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OPPO announces new signal power supply technology: bidding farewell to batteries becoming possible

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-01 Click:116

On January 20th, OPPO Research Institute officially released the white paper "Zero Power Communication", announcing the currently developing zero power communication terminals and signal power supply technology, and providing a detailed explanation of the positioning and development prospects of this technology.

It is reported that zero power communication terminals have the characteristics of no battery, extremely small size, ultra-low power consumption, ultra-low cost, etc., which can effectively reduce the maintenance costs and pollution hazards of current micro electronic products.

After the technology matures, IoT devices will be able to directly obtain energy through signals such as Bluetooth and Wi Fi, thereby achieving smaller size and longer lifespan, and can be used at a lower cost.

Meanwhile, this technology also means that it is possible for electronic devices to bid farewell to batteries.

Through signal power supply technology, terminals can collect RF energy from wireless signals to achieve power supply. Currently, OPPO has developed a combination of systems based on cellular, side row communication, and a hybrid of cellular and side row communication for zero power communication according to different deployment scenarios and usage requirements.

Among them, signal power supply technology based on honeycomb network is suitable for industrial IoT with a large quantity and high maintenance costs; The signal power supply technology based on lateral communication can perform well in low-cost, short distance home IoT and smart wearable devices.

Currently, OPPO has successfully built a zero power communication system and implemented the principle verification of this technology.