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The way forward for the development of China’s textile instrument industry is to reject rashness and insist on innovation.

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:73

Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was transferred from the marketing department. Recently, the head of the marketing department of our company pointed out in a recent interview that China\'s textile instrument industry should refuse to be impetuous, refuse to take shortcuts, combine modern technological innovation with traditional craftsmanship, and manufacture products that meet user needs and serve customers well. Users fundamentally create value, which is China\'s only way out of competition.

He pointed out that in China\'s instrumentation industry, many products have unreliable quality and unstable performance. Many companies blindly imitate extensive production. Once a company innovates, it is immediately copied, and the equipment and production standards The requirements are difficult to meet the specifications.Some companies falsely declare parameters and standards in tenders and engage in malicious low-price competition, thereby seriously harming the ecological development of this industry.

With China\'s accession to the WTO, the textile instrument industry will face market competition. Facing the development trend of intelligent, technological, personalized, networked and electronic instruments, Germany has given priority to the new industrial revolution of “Industry 4.0”. However, there are still some enterprises in our country that are not in line with the transformation of the national economic structure and scientific development. Require.

Where is the exit for China\'s textile instrument industry?

First of all, we must abandon the rash mentality of taking shortcuts, segmenting the market well and understand the needscustomer dynamics. , and establish the craftsman\'s concentration, long-term persistence and spirit of excellence. Truly create value for China\'s manufacturing industry and customer needs.

Second, learn technology and combine it with your own reality to improve independent innovation and technological cooperation.product content.

Third, it is necessary to improve production management capabilities, informatize and standardize the production process, and improve the information management system of modern enterprises.

Finally, provide the comprehensive capabilities of China\'s manufacturing industry. Good products require good packaging, good marketing, and good marketing. China should study the profit methods and overall strength of big companies. Only by globally improving all aspects of its abilities will it be able to increasere its basic competitiveness.

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