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Standard Group: 2015 is the spring of my country’s textile instrument foreign trade

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:100

Corporate Development Department of Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. : The Chinese economy has made significant economic progress after 30 years of development. Among them, foreign trade and exports account for an important part of our country\'s economy, especially the textile industry, which has traveled all over the world. Across the country, the textile testing instrument industry is growing rapidly with the rise of China\'s textile industry; However, as China\'s economic growth slows and the demographic dividend gradually disappears, I believe many companies are clearly feeling the pressure of performance growth. All this is forcing the technological innovation and transformation of China\'s textile industry and textile testing instrument industry. Therefore, China\'s textile testing instrument industry is bound to move towards vers research, development and production of instruments and equipment with high added value, which will inevitably lead to the market while meeting domestic demand. , foreign trade export is an inevitable choice.

In recent years, Chinese textiles have suffered a heavy blow in the textile trade. The policy of economic boycott of textile trade against China\'s textile industry, on the one hand, embodies the environmental protection aspirations of the global economic cycle, and on the other hand, it also incentivizes the industry Chinese textile to continuously improve its processes and equipment, improve the environmental protection performance of textiles, and improve the management of the national textile industry. system, thereby strengthening the fundamental competitiveness of my country in the economic and commercial fields. This will accelerate the formulation of Chinese textile industry standards, favoredthus promoting the development of the national testing and analysis industry. Considering the urgent needs of the textile industry, China\'s textile testing industry will inevitably evolve towards higher standards in R&D and design. Only in this way can the overall competitiveness of China\'s textile industry be improved, and this is also the inevitable result of the sustainable development of the industry.

Currently, due to the disappearance of China\'s demographic dividend, textile companies in various countries have relocated their production bases to Southeast Asia, where labor is cheaper . However, because the textile industries in these regions are underdeveloped, their supporting textile testing There is bound to be a huge demand in the instrument industry, so the spring of foreign trade of testing instrument industry textiles of my country will gradually become important in 2015.

Current safety testing in the textile industry mainly includes: qualitative and quantitative measurement of residues in textiles, testing of VOC emissions from printing and dyeing of textiles, and the qualitative and quantitative testing of residues in textile printing and dyeing wastewater. Compared with conventional tests, rapid tests have the characteristics of \"portability, speed, accuracy and efficiency\", and can non-destructive or minimally destructive test residual chemical substances in textiles, quickly detect VOCs released during the process printing and dyeing of textiles, and are suitable for industrial applications. waste gases Online detection of unorganized emissions.

In the next five years, the entire textile industry will target the Chinese product market. The textile testes is relatively difficult in terms of methods and operations. In particular, the formulation of this standard must fundamentally resolve the problem of environmental pollution. Constant monitoring and control must be carried out during textile processing. This requires not only textile instruments and equipment. The combination of textile machinery and equipment also places higher demands on the instrument itself, thereby promoting innovation and development in the instrument industry.

2015 will also be the year when my country\'s foreign trade of textile instruments develops the fastest. In 2019, China\'s textile testing instrument industry will inevitably transform itself to higher standards, more advanced technology and brand building. It is also an important year for nationalization.

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