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The method of improving the wear resistance of fabric

Author: Released in:2023-03-07 Click:17

In order to improve the wear resistance of fabrics, we mainly discuss the methods of improving the wear resistance of fabrics from three aspects: yarn fiber composition, fabric texture and finish.

1. Properties of fibers
The main properties that affect the abrasion resistance of fibers are the physical properties of stretching, bending and shearing of fibers.
From the comparison of fiber types, the abrasion resistance is: nylon>polypropylene>vinylon>ethylene>polyester>acrylic>chlorine>hair>silk>cotton>hemp>rich fiber>copper-ammonia fiber>viscose fiber>acetate fiber >Glass fiber
From the fiber structure perspective, the abrasion resistance of circular cross-section fibers is higher than that of profiled fibers; the finer the fiber, the worse the abrasion resistance.
So in order to improve the abrasion resistance, it is necessary to choose the round section fiber with good abrasion resistance as much as possible.

Twoe the category of the yarn
The abrasion resistance of the yarn is closely related to the structure of the yarn. The spinning method is different, the fiber winding method in the yarn is different, the cohesive force between the fibers is different, and the wear resistance is also different.
Traditional ring-spun yarn usually has spiral fibres. When rubbed repeatedly, the spiral fibers gradually turn into axial fibers, and the yarn is easy to lose twist and disintegrate and wear quickly, so the wear resistance is poor. Non-traditional spinning has clear advantages in terms of wear resistance. Rotary spun yarn, air jet yarn and vortex yarn are all composed of yarn core and outer fiber. The surface of the yarn is covered with irregular winding fibers, and the yarn is not easy to disintegrate. At the same time, the surface friction coefficient of the yarn is large, and the cohesion between yarns in the fabric is good, and relative slippen is not easy, so the wear resistance is improved. Compared with ring-spun yarn, the fibers of compact spinning are neatly and straightly arranged, the yarn structure is compact, and the fibers are not easy to loosen, so that the yarn has better wear resistance.

3. Fabric structure
The structure of the fabric determines the tightness and thickness of the paper film and has a great influence on the abrasion resistance.
Of the three basic fabrics, plain weave has the best abrasion resistance, satin weave has the worst abrasion resistance and twill weave is in the middle.

Fourth, fabric finishing method
Fabric finishing is a combination of physical and chemical methods to give certain specific properties to fabrics.
Such as protective finish: waterproof, fireproof, mildew resistant, oil stain resistant, cold resistant, atomic energy radiation resistant, melt resistant, pilling resistant, etc.
Resin finish can improve the abrasion resistance of fabricimprove significantly.