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The inside of the car is full of dust? Learn how to clean the interior of your car أداة الاختبار –

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The inside of the car is full of dust? Learn how to clean your car interior

The car interior is the part of the body that car owners come into contact with the most when using their car. Keeping the car interior clean can let car owners have a good car environment and have a better car experience. However, when using the car, the carpet and leather of the car seats will inevitably be stained; the plastic interior of the car will also be covered with dust due to long-term use. In the first lesson of the Car Owners School, let\'s learn together how to clean the different interiors of the car.

Cleaning dust on the air conditioning outlet grille:

Car owners who frequently use air conditioners will find that even if itThere is an air conditioning filter, the air conditioning outlet will always easily accumulate dust. To remove dust from the outlet of the air conditioner, the tools we need are: a small brush, a wrung-out damp cloth and a small cotton swab.

SpEffective methods:

We use a small brush to remove the dust on the air outlet. When cleaning the dust, use a damp cloth to wipe the sticky area near the clean area. Keep dusting off.

2. We can use moistened cotton swabs to clean the corners of some air conditioning outlet grilles.

Practical experience of the car owner:

We first explain the cleaning method of the air conditioning outlet to the car owner, Mr. .Zhu, then let Mr. Zhu do it himself. We want to know what kind of problems will Mr. Zhu encounter when hewill exploit itself?

Mr. Zhu told us that the dust on the air conditioning outlet grill is easy to remove, but the deeper dust is difficult to remove manually.

Editing Conference:

Q1: How to remove the dust inside the air conditioning grille?

A1: Accumulated dust inside the air conditioning grille requires special cleaning tools. This tool, known in the industry as a \"tornado\", is a tool that sprays a powerful water mist. The principle is to use high pressure air ducts to blow a powerful rotating air flow to clean the inside of the air conditioner. This tool contains a special disinfectant cleaning solution that can effectively clean and disinfect the air outlet of the air conditioner. This tool has two speeds, one of which sprays a powerful mist of water to eliminate dust; the other ingrenage sprays a rotating stream of air to dry the small amount of detergent left behind during cleaning.

Cleaning plastic interiors:

Economy cars generally use a large number of plastic decorative panels as interior materials. These decorative panels usually have patterns or grooves on the surface for appearance reasons. groove, so it is easier to adhere dust. To clean plastic interiors we need a dusting brush, a soft dry cloth, a special car interior cleaner and an eraser.

Specific method:

1. Use a dusting broom to lightly remove dust on the elastic coating.

2. Spray a special interior cleaning foam on the plastic trim. After the suds have dissipated a bit, you can use a dry cloth to wipe down the trim juntil the foam is completely wiped away and the plastic interior becomes clean.

3. Some stains accumulated in the groove are difficult to remove with a cloth and can be removed by gently wiping with an eraser.