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The inlay work is fast and good, and it must be a metallographic inlay machine METPRESS!

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:135


April is always a magical month season. The flowers are blooming so colorfully, I can't wait to dress up the world as a pink bride. The area with dead trees is also bursting with new buds and the green vitality radiates. At the edge of the pond came the croaking of frogs and the noisy chirping of insects in the grass. They seem to be playing a merry symphony at a grand festival.


In early April, Buehler Safety Technology continued to write poems with sunshine, floral scent, and raindew, and at the same time released the Fast and good little expert, it is the American METPRESS-2 metallographic mounting machine. Everything in the world is just right and it is worthy of spring. In this beautiful spring, let the METPRESS-2 Metallographic Mosaic Machine accompany everyone to take root and grow upwards!


Americakanan METPRESS-2 double cylinder automatic heat press Mounting machine, special equipment for metallographic sample preparation hot press mounting, programmable, double cylinders can choose different diameter molds, can mount 4 samples at the same time, fast sample preparation, suitable for batch replication of materials that are not sensitive to temperature and pressure sample . Preheating function, improve work efficiency, corrosion-resistant steel structure, long service life, it is a cost-effective hot-press mosaic equipment for metallographic laboratories.


The main achievements of the US QMAXIS metallographic mounting machine METPRESS-2 are introduced as follows:

●Mosaic machine with two cylinders, each mosaic cylinder can be controlled independently

●For the double cylinders, molds mDifferent diameters can be selected

●Two samples can be made with spacers for each mold cylinder

●Electro-hydraulic, no air source

● Fast sample preparation, approximately 8 minutes for conventional sample preparation

●LCD touch screen, user-friendly interface

●Preset program, suitable for repeated sample preparation

●The screen displays display the current actual temperature and pressure in real time, and the setting process is clear at a glance

●The mold size is completed

●The cooling mode can be fast, medium or slow

●There is a reminder function when the cooling is insufficient and needs to continue

●Sound notifications after the inlay is finished

●Slide lid opening and closing, labor-saving and convenient

●The bayonet locks the heating chamber, which is easy to operate and has a high degree of security

●Anti-ccorrosion Etched stainless steel structure, safe and durable


Well, the above is the equipment introduction of the US QMAXIS metallographic assembly machine METPRESS-2. The spring breeze is like a distinguished guest, and it will prosper when it arrives. Welcome friends in need to contact Buehler Safety Technology technicians. Let's consult together and make progress together!