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Root cause analysis of common faults of Festo solenoid valves

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:27

Festo FESTO solenoid valve is mainly used for water treatment, well water, sewage, sea water and other media, and it is installed at the output end of the pump to cut off the flow of the medium, eliminate the atomic energy of water hammering, and protect roads and roads. , The water pump is running.

When the FESTO solenoid valve is used, there is a problem of water hammer amplification and a design scheme is suggested for adding a slow closing sub-valve. The improved product has a stable opening and closing function and reduces water hammer pressure. The following is a recommendation for everyone Festo FESTO solenoid valveAnalysis of common faults


Shanghai Nianci sells some models of Festo FESTO products as follows:

196032 DSNU-40-50-PPV-A

19247 DSNU-25-80-PPV-A

19248 DSNU-25-100-PPV-A

CPX-AB-8-M8-3POL 195706

VMPA1-M1H-J-PI 533343

527690 MS4-LR-1/4-D5-A4-AS

187338 MPPES-3-1/4-6-420

196929 CPE14-M1BH -3GL-1/8

539245 NEBV-S1W37-E-10-LE26

8069004 DYSS-12-12-Y1F

DPA-63-10 184518

1463475 DSBC-63-200-PPVA-N3T1

1463495 DSBC-80-200-PPVA-N3T1

1646799 DSBG-100-100-PPVA -N3T1

DNC-50-160-PPV-A upgrade DSBC-50-160-PPVA-N3 1366954

LRP-1/4-2.5 162834

151179 GRLA-1/2 -B

10773 PEV-1/4-B

546425 LFR-D-MIDI

32962 LNZG-100/125

32960 LNZG-40/50

171158 SMEO-8E-K-24-S6



DNC-50-60-PPV-A Upgrade DSBC-50-60-PPVA-N3 2098972

2389803 DSBG-200-150-PPVA-N3



PUN-H -16X2,5-SW


PUN-H- 8X1,25-BL

PUN-H-10X1,5 -SW


192614 LFR-3/8-D -5M-O-MIDI

525147 MHE3-MS1H-3 /2G-1/8

565395 SFAB-200U-WQ8-2SA-M12

8158417 SFAH-200B-G14FS-PNLK-PNVBA-M8

541342 NEBU-M8G4-K-2.5-LE4

8022836 SPAW-P25R-G14F-2NV-M12

p>541331 NEBU-M12G5-K-5-LE5

550598 PQ-RK-22-B

186097 QS-G1/4-6

MFH -5/2-D-2-C 151851



MN1H-2-1/2- MS

8036871 SFAW-32-TG12-E-PNLK -PNVBA-M12


CPV14 -GE-MP-6 18264

DSBG- 80-250-PPVA-N3-234V

159700 MN1H-5/2-D-2-C


Common errors and causes of Festo FESTO solenoid valve

(1) Festo FESTO solenoid valve and its causes are as follows:

1. No signal, no air source. ①The air source is not turned on, ②Due to the water content in the air source and freezing in winter, the air duct is blocked or the filter and pressure reducing valve are blocked and broken, ③The compressor is broken; ④The air source main pipe is leaking .

2. There is air source, but no signal.

①The regulator is defective,

②The signal tube is leaking;

③The locator bellows are leakingt;

④The control mesh is damaged.


3. The positioner has no air source.

①The filter is clogged;

②The pressure reducing valve is defective;

③The pipe is leaking or clogged.


4. The positioner has an air source but no output. The positioner orifice is clogged.

5. There is a signal, but no action.

①The valve core falls off,

②The valve core is stuck with society or with the valve seat;

③The valve stem is bent or broken;

④The valve core is frozen or scorched by dirt;

⑤The spring of the actuator is rusted due to prolonged use.


(2) Control valve operation is unstable. The symptoms and causes of the failure are as follows:

1. The air source pressure is unstable.

①The capacity of the compressor is too small;

②The pressure reducing valve is defective.


2. The signal pressure is unstable.

①The time constant (T=RC) of the control system is not suitable;

②The controller output is unstable.


3. The air source pressure is stable en the signal pressure is also stable, but the control valve operation is still unstable.

①The amplifier ball valve in the positioner is not tightly closed due to the wear of dirt, and the output shock will occur when the air consumption is particularly increased;

②The nozzle baffle of the amplifier in the positioner is not parallel, and the baffle cannot cover the nozzle;

③ the output pipe, line leakage;

④ the actuator stiffness is too small;

⑤ the frictional resistance is large during the movement of the valve stem, and there is a blocking phenomenon in the contact part.

(3) Control valve vibrations. The symptoms and causes of the failure are as follows:

1. The control valve vibrates with each opening. ① The support is unstable; ② There is a vibration source nearby; ③ The valve core and bushing are severely worn.

2. The control valve vibrates as it approaches the fully closed position. ①The regulating valve is chosen large and is often used with a klone opening; ②The medium flow direction of the single-seat valve is opposite to the closing direction.

(4) Control valve operation is slow. The slow phenomena and reasons are as follows: 1. The valve stem is slow only when it moves in one direction.

① Diaphragm damage and leakage in the pneumatic film actuator;

②"O" seal leakage in the actuator.


2. The valve stem is sluggish when it moves back and forth.

①The valve body is clogged with sticky matter;

②The polytetrafluoroethylene gasket is damaged and hardened or the lubricating oil of the graphite-asbestos gasket is dry;

③The gasket is too tight and the friction resistance increases;

④The frictional resistance is large because the valve stem is not straight;

⑤No Pneumatic positioner control valves can also cause slow operation.


(5) The leakage of the control valve increases. The reasons for the leakage are as follows:

1. The leakage is large when the valve is fully closed.

①The bobbin is worn andthe internal leakage is serious

②The valve is not properly adjusted and does not close properly.

2. The valve cannot reach the fully closed position.

①The average pressure difference is too large, the actuator stiffness is small, and the valve is not tightly closed;

②There are foreign objects in the cover;

③The bush is sintered.


The steam we come into contact with in daily life is usually divided into two types, 1. Steam-saturated steam from boiler 2. Steam from thermal power plant-superheated steam

1. The temperature and pressure of saturated steam are relatively stable, the temperature is below 250 ° C, and the working pressure is below 1.6 MPa.

2. The temperature and pressure of superheated steam have a large basis. 4.0Mpa


Festo solenoid valve can also be widely used in textile, printing, chemical industry, plastic, rubber, pharmaceutical, food, building materials, machinery, electrical appliances, surface treatment and examination departments as well as baths Hall, canteen, air conditioning and other automatic control systems. Thank you for your attention to the Festo FESTO solenoid valve analysis of common failure causes, please contact our company (Shanghai Nianci Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.) for inquiries and orders