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The importance of installing hydrogen gas alarms in forklift loading areas

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The importance of installing a hydrogen alarm in the loading area for forklift trucks

Rules for safe use of the loading area for forklift trucks:

1. The battery charging or storage area must be well ventilated and equipped with ventilation facilities. Prevent explosion of flammable gas.

2. Smoking, open flames and sparks are prohibited in the loading space for forklift trucks, and answering and making phone calls in the loading space is prohibited. To answer a call, step out of the charging station.

3. Since the electrolyte in the battery is a mixture of sulfuric acid and an aqueous solution, which is toxic and corrosive, work clothes and goggles must be worn when charging the battery and when approaching the battery. If clothing, skin or eyes are stained with electrolyte, they should be rinsed immediately with clean water, and if eyes are contaminated with electrolyte, seek immediate medical attention.

4. Open the batterycover while charging. All battery covers should be tightly sealed at the top to keep out debris.

5. The charging area must be equipped with 2 bottles of fire extinguishers.

6. The battery and top of the battery must be kept clean, dry and free from debris. The protective cover must be in place and the battery connections must not be damaged. The battery and charging cable must not be damaged by kinks and the insulation must not be damaged by corrosion.

7. Do not inject other substances into the battery, only distilled water can be injected after charging.

8. Do not use or place unprotected tools or other conductive materials on battery terminals as personal injury and battery explosion may result.

9. When charging the lift truck battery, make sure that the battery is installed correctly, safely and securely.

10. Before charging the batterycharge, the dust on the surface of the battery must be blown away with compressed air.

The importance of installing a hydrogen alarm in the cargo area of ​​the lift truck. Hydrogen gas produced by leakage and overflow during forklift loading is a flammable and explosive gas. A too high concentration leads to safety risks in the workplace. There are different detection principles, such as catalytic combustion type (0-100%LEL), electrochemical type (0-1000ppm), etc., which can meet the installation and detection requirements of different customers. The detection principle of catalytic combustion measures the lower explosive limit of combustible hydrogen, and the low alarm value does not exceed 25%LEL.

The importance of installing a hydrogen alarm in the forklift workshop. The fixed combustible gas concentration alarm is generally composed of an explosion-proof gas detector and a gas alarmcontroller; the natural diffusion sampling method realizes the real-time detection of the gas concentration On-site concentration display and on-site sound and light alarm function are optional; the gas alarm controller receives the gas concentration signal detected by the gas detector, realizes the real-time display of the concentration and the sound and light alarm function of the alarm after the concentration exceeds the standard, and can be connected to external equipment (such as solenoid valves, exhaust fans, warning lights , etc.). The gas alarm does not need to be adjusted by the customer and all debugging is completed before it leaves the factory. The detector needs 24V/36V power according to the specific model and the controller needs 220V power to work normally.