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Precautions and problems of fermented sausage water activity tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:21

Usually uses the internationally accepted principle of the equilibrium relative humidity method. The water activity is numerically equal to the relative humidity of the closed environment, so the measurement of the water activity of the sample can be converted to the measurement of the relative humidity in the closed environment. Place the sample to be tested in a closed container, and perform a water molecule exchange equilibrium between the sample to be tested and the environment in the closed space, and measure the pressure or relative humidity in the container after equilibrium is reached, to obtain the value of the water activity in the sample.

Water activity (abbreviated as aw) mainly reflects the amount of free water in food equilibrium, and reflects the stability of food and the possibility of microbial reproduction, as well as chemical, enzymatic and physical changes that cause changes in food qualitycan cause drought are often used to measure the ability of microorganisms to tolerate drought. By measuring the water activity of food and choosing reasonable packaging and storage methods, the use of preservatives can be reduced and the shelf life of food, grain, fruits and vegetables can be assessed.

Precautions for Fermented Sausage Water Activity Tester:

(1) Place the instrument on a stable operating table and in a laboratory environment.

(2) Install the probe, printer and serial cable from the host computer (printer and host computer must be installed as required).

(3) Turn on the power, turn on the main switch of the instrument and start the instrument. You kunt turn the instrument on or off with the switch button (ON/OFF) on the panel. Turn off the main power after use or if you will not use it for a long time.

(4) The printer can be directly connected through the supporting serial cable to realize the power supply and data transfer function, without external power supply. The printer has a separate power switch, make sure the switch is on when using it.

(5) To use the top computer function, you must install the top computer configuration program on the computer in advance (see the top computer installation instructions for details) and connect the top computer via a serial cable .

(6) After the test, take a clean sample dish, place it in a desiccant, place the sample dish in the measuring chamber and close the top lid of the measuring chamber,

(6) p >( 7) Voltage stability, sample uniformity