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Test Process Analysis of Foam Repeated Compression Fatigue Testing Machineأداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:105

Testing Process Analysis of Repeated Foam Compression Fatigue Tester

Sponge Foam Compression Fatigue Tester:
This equipment complies with the national standard GB/T 18941—2003 and international standard ISO 3385.1989 Require. The foam compression fatigue testing machine is mainly used for the reciprocating compression test of foam polymer materials to determine the residual deformation rate. From this, the dynamic fatigue characteristics of the material can be understood. Can meet my country\'s automotive industry standard QCT56-93 \"Automotive Seat Cushion Material Performance Test Method\". It can also meet the requirements of foreign standards such as the Japanese automobile industry standard JASOB408-84. Test number, display force value and impact frequency can be set freely, the wholemachine is easy to operate and maintain. Great reliability. It can meet the requirements of QC/T850-2011, QJQ7001-2011 and ASTM3574 standard on sponge foam fatigue performance test.

Key technical parameters:
1. Loading impact force: 750N
2. Alternative compression frequency: 75 times/min
3. Alternative Compression Stroke: 150mm-180mm
4. Tray diameter: φ250mm (shaped tray or fake buttock tray is also optional)
5. Upper deck material: 45# carbon steel
6. The size of the lower deck: 520mm*520mm (preferably 550mm*550mm)
7. The material of the bottom pallet is No. 45 carbon steel plate (the diameter of the exhaust hole array on the board is 6mm and the hole spacing is 20mm)
8 . Setting test times: <10 million times
9. Method of displaying the value of force and times: 7 inch true color touch screen
10. Machine size: 650*650*1300 (long width and height mm)
11. Weight of the entire machine: approximately 120 kg
12. Power of the entire machine: 2kW
13. Power supply type: 220V

The foam is compressed repeatedly. Analysis of the testing process of the fatigue testing machine. The principle of the test is to place a square specimen on the lower platform of the tester, then repeatedly indent the specimen through an indenter with an area smaller than the specimen, and obtain after the maximum load passes a certain number of times, the performance of the sample is evaluated. This test can complement the determination of the thickness reduction value and the hardness reduction value of porous elastic materials, and can be used to evaluate the performance of latex-type porous elastic materials andpolyamic acid type used for decorating bearings.
The thickness value and hardness reduction value measured by the testing machine may be related to the loss during testing, but they are not absolute. The test is applicable to standard size specimens taken from finished material as well as to molded parts. Sponge material testing: foam rebound resilience tester, sponge repeated compression tester, sponge foam indentation hardness tester, foam permanent compression tester, PU material density tester, sponge material testing sponge tensile strength, etc. This test is more inclined to the compression test of foamed polymer materials. By measuring the thickness reduction value and hardness reduction value of the sample, which we usually call the strain rate, we can understand the dynamic fatigue characteristics of the material at pacome from there, and its applications can be numerous. This is also a problem that people pay more attention to when measuring the material properties of car seat cushions.

The main configuration of the test machine includes test host, spoke high precision sensor, host test fixture, speed regulation motor system, electric control box , a product manual, a product certificate and a product packing list. This test is actually to simulate the real-life car seat cushion usage environment to measure the sponge, the main material of the seat cushion. Through the improvement of its materials, people\'s experience with the product can be continuously improved, which in turn can increase the sales of the product. In this life that pays more and more attention to pleasure, people will have higher and higher demandsin terms of materials and comfort in this area.

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