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Principle analysis of car seat crash and creep durability testing machine.

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:119

Main analysis of car seat shock and creep durability tester

The standard of car seat shock and creep tests is: At the frequency of 100 times/min, carry out the test vibration of the seat cushion 100,000 times and the samples after the test, there should be no abnormalities, no cracks in the seat frame, no deformation of the foam and no damage to the fabric and upholstery.

The requirements of car seat shock and creep test are: fix the test sample on the testing machine platform, adjust the sample so that the center line of the H point of the sample is aligned with the simulated fake buttocks, and adjust the height of the simulated fake buttocks. When the seat is loaded with a load of 68 kg, the amplitude of the bump is 30° from one peak to the other and the angle of inclination is 21°.

In the prior art, the crankshaft mechanism is uUsed to convert circular motion into linear motion during the manufacturing of test equipment; the manufacturing cost is high, and the mle maintenance cost is also high; The injection is done manually, which requires a huge workload for the operator, and the amount of lubricating oil injected cannot be guaranteed, which leads to high costs.

1. During the test, three seats must be tested at the same time, or three single seats must be tested at the same time, or one single seat and one double seat must be tested at the same time. If only one seat, such as the driver\'s seat or the co-driver\'s seat, is used for the test and the other power sources cannot be turned off during the test, it will appear that there is only one only test seat and that the three test positions The machines are all in the same position. Starting wastes a lot of energy (because the equipped motor isvery powerful) and also increases machine losses.
2. After the shaking motor produces kinetic energy, three seats are driven. The lack of kinetic energy during the test is therefore taken into account in the design and an energy stabilization device must be added, i.e. a flywheel is added to stabilize headquarters. Vibration stability, complex structure and high cost.
3. Due to the consideration of three-person seats, the H-points of the three seats cannot be aligned at the same time with the center of gravity of the peristaltic false hip of the test equipment. Two sets of horizontal movement mechanisms in the X and Y directions can only be added to the equipment to ensure complex structure and high cost.
4. During the functional test, the peristaltic power mechanism is fixed on the support. In order to ensure the stabilitybracket tee, guide sleeves, sliding blocks, sliding rails, etc. are designed to respond to up and down movement. During long-term operation During the process, it is easy to block this component.
5. The peristalsis test involves designing the motor in a horizontal state. The motor drives a pair of bevel gears to convert horizontal rotation into vertical rotation; its disadvantages are: countWhen rotating a pair of bevel gears, the production cost is high and it is easy to wear and tear, and the noise is louder.
6. Each moving part needs to be manually lubricated with lubricating oil, which increases the workload of the tester and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the amount of lubricating oil injected.
7. There is no rebound platform. The seat fixing plate is directly used as a striking platform, which does notst not convenient to install when using.

The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to overcome the above-mentioned drawbacks existing in the prior art and to provide a structure of an impact and car seat creep with simple and reasonable design, accurate and reliable testing.
The technical solution adopted by the present invention to solve the above technical problems is as follows: the car seat impact and peristalsis durability testing machine comprises a frame, an impact device and a peristaltic device. The hump adjusting device includes a speed regulating motor, a reduction case, an eccentric wheel, a shock device and a shock device. The connecting rod and the shock connecting rod base, the peristaltic device includes a false hip and a booster, the shock device is located in the middleand in the lower part of the testing machine, and the peristaltic device is located in the uppermost part of the test. machine. Its structural features are:
The shock device also includes a shock guide post, a sliding bearing, a shock table plate and a panel. The sliding bearing is installed on the panel. The shock guide column is connected to the shock table plate and cooperates with the plain bearing. The thrust rod is connected through a connecting pin and a thrust rod seat. At the bottom of the shock platform, the lower end of the shock guide column is suspended in the air, the shock connecting rod is a continuous straight rod, and the panel is located in the middle.in the middle of the steering the length of the shock guide column; so that the shock device of the present invention can be tested with a single seat, its structure is simple andreasonable, the testing process has low energy, sufficient kinetic energy, the motor runs smoothly, and the cost is low.
The peristaltic device also includes a peristaltic connecting rod, a cantilever, a support rod, a cantilever fixed seat and a cantilever tray. The peristaltic connecting rod is connected to the servo motor, and the cantilever is connected to the cantilever fixed seat and the servo motor via connection pins. Both the support rod and the cantilever fixing seat are fixed on the cantilever platform, and the support rod is located below the cantilever and between the peristaltic connecting rod and cantilever fixing seat; so that the shock device and the peristaltic device of the present invention can operate smoothly for a long time, and the whole is not easy to damage; and when the support rod does not work, it can mmaintain the cantilever to prevent the weight of the false hip from pressing on the seat and transferring it to the shock platform, thereby increasing service life.
The speed regulating motor, reducer, eccentric wheel and jerk connecting rod are directly connected in sequence; making the structural design of the shaking device simpler and more reasonable, without adding other parts, the power transmission and transmission can be completed according to regulations. The functional test is carried out at a lower cost.
The servo motor is located vertically above the false hip and installed vertically along the Y axis. The servo motor is directly connected to the peristaltic connecting rod and one end of the cantilever, and the connecting rod peristaltic and cantilever are both continuous straight rods; performing peristaltic movement The structural design of the device is more simpleple and more reasonable, and can easily convert the high m into the basotion of the vibration in the small-angle circular motion of the cantilever. It is not necessary to take into account the flaws of complex mechanisms, high costs and loud noise caused by sleeves, slides, etc., and the motor can directly realize the purpose of vertical rotation.
The backboard, the striking table and the cantilever table are arranged upwards in sequence and are parallel to each other; make the overall operation of the shock device and peristaltic device more reliable and the installation more convenient.
The invention is also equipped with an automatic lubricating oil injection machine, which is fixed on the frame and can automatically add lubricating oil evenly and quantitatively to each moving part of the machine. equipment, thereby reducing the workload.
The jerk connecting rod of thepresent invention is connected with the eccentric wheel through a connection pin, and the servo motor is connected with the cantilever through a connection pin, so that the parts can be completed with the simplest and most reliable structure, connection and comprehensive function and creep tests.
The support rod of the present invention includes a support rod seat, the support rod is movably connected with the support rod seat, and the support rod seat is fixed on the platform cantilevered so that when the test is not in progress the support rod can be used to raise the cantilever. Prevents prosthetic buttocks from falling.
The peristaltic connecting rod and cantilever described in the present invention are continuous straight rods, and the angle between them is 70° to 90°, so that when the test is not in progress, the support rod can liftr the cantilever and support it. Support the weight of the peristaltic device.
There are four sets of shaking guide posts and sliding bearings in the present invention, so as to make the running of the shaking test more stable, reliable and accurate.
Compared with the existing technology, the present invention has the following advantages and effects: the structural design is simple, reasonable and compact, the test is convenient, accurate and reliable, and the service life is long; the present invention directly installs an eccentric wheel on the reduction box, at a lower cost.
Compared to Chinese patent application number 2011146325X, this invention also has the following advantages: 1. The test equipment is designed to perform a test on a seat, which reduces the manufacturing cost of the equipment and saves energy during the testing process. ; In most cases, this testis a single-place test; 2. Since only one seat operates, the motor can fully ensure the stability of the test, so there is no need to add a flywheel, which reduces the production cost; 3. Only seat A is used for the test, and H-point adjustment can be achieved by simply moving the seat; 4. Install the peristaltic motor on the cantilever to convert the up and down movement of the vibration into a small angle circle.ar movement of the cantilever, ignoring the sleeve, Faults caused by slides and other mechanisms; 5. The creep test motor is directly designed to be in a vertical state, and the motor can directly achieve the purpose of vertical rotation without bevel gear conversion; 6. An automatic lubricating oil injection machine is added, which can automatically synchronize and quantitatively fill lubricating oil for each moving part of the equipment.

The jerk test is as follows:
The speed regulating motor I is powered and rotated, decelerated by the reduction gear 2, transmitted to the eccentric wheel 3, and then drives the movement of the jerk rod 4. The jerk rod 4 uses the eccentricity e of the eccentric wheel 3 to convert the circular motion into a linear motion; the shaking plate 10 is moved by the cooperation of four shaking guide posts 8 and four sliding bearings 9, and the amplitude of the shaking can also be adjusted by the eccentricity to be adjusted. Here, as long as the eccentricity e is adjusted, the magnitude of the linear movement can be changed, so that the shock table 10 is driven by the shock rod seat 25 to subject the seat assembly 14 to a shock test.

The creep test is as follows:
The servomotor 17 is installed on the port platforme cantilever 23 through the cantilever 19 and the cantilever fixing seat 22, and the servo motor 17 is adjusted according to the PLC program. The rotation angle is rotated clockwise and counterclockwise, and the peristaltic connecting rod 16 and the false buttocks 15 are rotated, so that the peristaltic test can be carried out. When the seat assembly 14 knocks, the creeping link 16 is connected to the cantilever 19. The cantilever fixing seat 22 moves up and down on the base of the hinged connection and acts all the way time on seat assembly 14.
The speed governor motor 1 and servo motor 17 are automatically controlled by the control system, work at the same time and carry out testing; When the test reaches the specified number of times, it stops automatically.

A person skilled in the art will be able to implement the above description.
Although the present invention has been described above through moof embodiments, these are not intended to limit the scope of the protection of the present invention. Any equivalent or simple modification based on the structures, features and principles described in the concept of the present invention is included within the scope of protection of the patent of this invention.

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