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Technical parameters of top impact standard vibrating screen machine digital display electric vibrating screen machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:135

1. Brief introduction of vibrating screen machine:

This machine is suitable for sieving and analyzing granular materials in laboratories or laboratories of highways, construction, geology, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal , abrasives, food, medical research and other departments. It takes 5 minutes to start the machine, which is convenient and easy to complete the sorting work.

The whole structure is composed of motor control box, rocking chair, timer, clamp sieve plate, set sieve and other parts. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, beautiful and elegant appearance, exquisite structure , good performance, large rotation range, strong vibration force, good shielding effect, convenient and flexible use and clamping.

Second, the principle of a machine with a vibrating screen:

The pendulum instrument is mainly composed of swing mechanism, shock mechanism, clamping mechanism and other parts The mothor rotates through the rotating shaft, the main eccentric shaft on the worm gear auxiliary belt swing frame, and then drives the other two auxiliary eccentric shafts to rotate, so that the swing radius of the whole screen group is also equal to the plane circle swing of the eccentricity. At the same time, the same machine The motor drives another pair of worm gears to pass through the cam, and the sieve group oscillating frame is installed on the ejector rod, which periodically raises and lowers on the anvil of the machine base by its own weight, so that the oscillating frame can vibrate as it swings in a flat circle.

3. Vibrating Screen Machine Features:

The standard top impact vibrating screen machine is designed and manufactured by our company according to the relevant testing specifications and requirements of building materials, geology, transportation and other industries. Both Φ200 and Φ300 sieves can be used top times of the sieve. It is stable and reliable, and equipped with a digital time relay. The user can automatically adjust the time of the vibrating screen according to needs.

3. Main technical parameters

1. The largest diameter of the sieve Z: 300 mm

2. Screen stack height: 440mm

3. Swing stroke: 25mm

4. ShuffleNumber of moves: 221 times/min

5, shock times; 147 times/min

6. Amplitude stroke: 8 mm

7. Timing range: 0-60 minutes

8. Spin radius: 12.5mm

9. Motor power: 0.37KW (370W)

10、 Supply voltage 380V

11. Engine speed: 1400 rpm

12. Dimensions: (length, width and height) 600×400×800 mm

13. Total weight: 120kg