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Meat Histamine Tester, a pre-assembled tester #2023 has been updated

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:148

Meat histamine detector, a pre-established detection instrument #2023 has been updated [ST-SDZA purchase instruments and choose direct sales in Shandong Santi factory] resulting in erythema, papules, blisters and other symptoms.

★1) The instrument uses portable integrated system detection technology, which integrates the spectrophotometry module, the colloidal gold detection module, the new detection of pesticide residues integrates. module, digital management module and wireless communication module are highly integrated, support the detection of 200 kinds of food safety test items, and reserve test methods for upgrade at the same time.

2) The instrument detection module is standardized and intelligent, and can be freely combined at will. The detection box has several standard detection units built in and the configuration of the detection modules can be adjusted.

3) The instrument uses von the new intelligent Android system, the main control chip uses ARM Cortex-A7, RK3288/4-core processor, 10.1-inch high-definition LCD touch vertical screen, more efficient UI interface, and fast operation; The instrument is equipped with wireless communication modules: 4G (APN) communication module, Wifi module, Bluetooth transmission, and has dual USB interfaces and RJ45 interfaces, which can realize data storage and data transmission functions in different ways.

4) Innovative detection mode:

★ Detection channel: ≥12 channels; it adopts the design of a precise rotating colorimetric cell, uses the same chip and the same light source to ensure the accuracy, and solves the difference between different light sources difference. The error between 1-12 channels is 0.1%.

★The instrument has the function of automatically identifying the cuvette, that is, after inserting the sample cuvette into the instrument, click thesample test and the instrument automatically identifies the cuvette for channel detection.

5) Imported high-precision light source:

High-precision imported four-wavelength cold light source, channel configuration 410, 520, 590, 630nm wavelength light source, one light source chip drives one light source, the error is extremely small, each device can accurately calibrate the light source independently, make accurate comparison, and at the same time refer to four different band light sources to remove 99% of all-round pesticide food residues on the market.

6) Colloidal gold module detection method:

★Adopt COMS real-time imaging technology, single gold label real-time card reading, through the gray scale changes of different colors, the result can be obtained accurately in one second.