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Technical Advantages of G238BB Electric Rub Colorfastness Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:113

G238BB electric rubbing color fastness tester is used to evaluate rubbing color fastness test of textiles, knitwear, leather, electrochemical metal plate, printing and other industries. This is a test independently developed and produced by our company qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. Equipment, customers in need are encouraged to inquire.

Applicable standards:

GB/T3920, ASTMF1319, AATCC8/165, BS1006D02, ISO105D02/X12, JISL0849, M&SC8/C8A, NEXTTM6.

Main parameters:

1. Friction head diameter: 16 mm ± 0.1 or 25 mm±0.1;

2. Friction stroke: 104/100mm (adjustable);

3. Vertical Pressure: 9N±10% (AATCC Standard);

4. Running speed of friction head: 104±3 mm/min (AATCC standard);

5. Number of reciprocating movements in one test: 10 times;

6. Friction speed: 60±1rpm;

7. Standard friction white small cloth: 50×50mm, desizing, bleaching, agent-free cotton cloth fluorescent bleach and finishing agent.

Technical Advantages:

1. Simple

It has the characteristics of simple operation and low daily maintenance, and can automatically work up to at the end of the test or the sample is damaged.

2. Silent

The special noise reduction mechanism allows you to avoid high-pitched friction noises between iron parts during daily inspections.

3. Accurate

Three-point and one-line design meets standard stroke and pressure to ensure accurate and efficient test results.

4. Selectivity

Standard friction head, multi-functional design, meets various standard requirements and improves the cost performance of the instrument.

5. Convenience

With the new technology, the scientific sample fixing function can evenly fix the sample fabric to prevent wrinkles, and the operation is convenient and fast .

6. Features

Carefully designed, includes digital program control counter, red wave stainless steel button, durable and atmospheric.

7. Abnormal instrument protection

Power-off protection - save the current test data for you when the power is off, and you can view the latest test data when the power is turned on next time.