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Taiwan\’s textile exports stopped falling and rebounded for the first time in 17 months أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:74

Taiwan\'s textile exports stopped falling and rebounded for the first time compared to the same period in the first seven months

stopped falling and rebounded! The operations of global sports brand clothing factories such as Nike and Adidas have gradually stabilized, and the order momentum has strengthened. Moreover, the NBA competition in the United States is about to start, and the business opportunities of the 2018 World Football Championship have exploded. According to statistics from the Ministry of Finance and Customs, Textile Industry Association, from 1 to 7 this year, the cumulative monthly value of textile exports was 5.803 billion US dollars. Compared with the same period last year, it increased by 0.05% for the first time, ending 30 consecutive months of recession and slowdown since February 2014.

However, according to statistics from the Textile Industry Association, due to the slow recovery of the European and American markets, the growth of mainland China\'s market economy has slowed down ; and due to free trade agreements between rival South Korea and the European Union, the United States and mainland China. It was implemented one after another, leading to a decline in market shares of Taiwan\'s textile products, but it still led to negative growth in domestic textile exports for five consecutive years. since 101, and the decline in 2016 reached 8%.

The Textile Association pointed out that from this year, Comparing the cumulative monthly value of domestic textile exports with the same period of the previous year, although it still shows a decline, the scale has slow motion .

The reason is that the Textile Association believes that as the revenue of international sports brands such as Nike and Adidas gradually stabilizes, the order momentum has become stronger. Hong Zhenhai, chairman of Ruhong, a major fabric and garment manufacturer, said the inventory adjustment of downstream brands and distributors has been completed. Customers are looking for orders, the spring of Taiwan\'s textile industry will arrive in the third quarter of this year. In addition, Zhou Liping, President of Juyang Clothing Foundry, also said that the operating level has passed and revenue is expected to increase in the second half of the year.

In addition, since the new NBA competition will begin in October this year, Nike is the official jersey supplier of the NBA. The market is optimistic: in addition to placing orders for clothing for the players in the new competition, Nike is also expected to place significant orders for supporters\' clothing. Far East New welcomes business opportunities from the 2018 World Cup and once again beckons Nike\'s designated fabric supplier. Textile Industry Association hopes that with the explosion of business opportunities in this sports wave, the prosperity of the domestic textile industry will continue to recover.

In order to boost the export performance of the textile industry, the Textile Industry Association said it has implemented the \"Integrated Marketing and Product Development Plan business opportunities for textile\" and hopes that through diversified integrated marketing energy, not only continue to delve into mature markets like Europe and the United States, but also In accordance with government policies, we will simultaneously develop the markets emerging countries such as the new countries of the South, will help textile manufacturers improve their international marketing capabilities andreverse the annual decline in domestic textile exports.