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Great progress has been made in the development and industrialization of key materials for tanning and footwear.

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:42

Great progress has been made in the development and industrialization of major tanning and shoe materials.

The leather industry is a traditional industry that has many advantages in China. In recent years, my country\'s leather industry has developed rapidly, promoting domestic research and development in clean tanning technology and high-end product production, and achieved a series of research results on process technologies that can be industrialized, laying the foundation for clean tanning technology. . The implementation and production of high-quality leather products supports and creates conditions for the sustainable development of my country\'s leather industry, technological progress, transformation and upgrading of the industry, and to the realization of the global strategy aimed at transforming my country from a large manufacturing industryuir. country towards a powerful country in the leather industry.
In 2014, the National Science and Technology Support Plan \"Development and\"The project \"Industrialization of the main green materials for manufacturing leather and shoes\" was launched. In three years of implementation implementation, it effectively solved the problem of limiting the production of pollutants such as heavy metal sulfide and chromium in my country. The implementation of tanning cleaning technology and the lack of essential supporting materials for the production of mid-to-high-end leather products and shoes have improved the clean production level and product quality of tanning enterprises, as well as the quality of leather shoe products. the use of highly polluting materials such as sulfide and lime in the tanning process, reduce the generation of COD, ammonia nitrogen and solid waste in wastewater, and reducethe costs of terminal treatment of the company\'s wastewater and solid waste.
In order to promote scientific and technological innovation and industrialization development in the field of materials in China, Ministry of Science and Technology formulated the “Special Plan for Scientific and Technological Innovation in the Field of materials during the 13th Five-Year Plan” to focus on solving key basic material industries in terms of basic materials technology improvement and industrial upgrading. Facing major common problems such as product homogeneity and low value, heavy environmental burden, low energy efficiency and resource bottleneck constraints, we must promote structural adjustment and development of key industries of basic raw materials such as steel, non-ferrous metals, petrochemicals,light industry. industry, textiles and construction materials. Industrial modernization, through key breakthroughs in key technologies such as design and development of basic materials, manufacturing processes and process optimization, as well as localized equipment, to achieve production of products of key basis of high performance, high value added, green, efficient and low carbon. material products. Establish a comprehensive intellectual property and standards system and improve the industrial chain of basic materials. Improve the overall competitiveness of my country\'s basic materials industry, meet the needs of \"Made in China 2025\", \"One Belt and One Road\", innovative development of strategic emerging industries, new industrialization, urbanization and regional economic construction, and prepare my The participation of my country in a new cycle of tGlobal industrial transformation and competition provides support to realize the transformation of my country\'s materials industry from large to strong, and the transformation of materials technology from follower to parallel and leader.