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Taber wear resistance test machine test steps معدات اختبار

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Product Introduction

The taber abrasion resistance testing machine is suitable for fabric, paper, paint, plywood, leather, floor tiles, glass , natural plastics, etc. The test method is that a rotating sample is held against a pair of abrasive wheels and a specified load is applied. As the sample rotates, the abrasive wheels are driven to wear down the sample. The weight lost through wear is the difference between the weight of the sample before and after the test.

Technical parameters:

1. Test piece: inner diameter (D) 3 mm

2. Wear wheel: ф2(Max.45mm)(W)1/2

3. Center distance of wear wheel: 63.5 mm

4. Center distance between sanding wheel and test disc: 37~38 mm

5. Rotation speed: 60r/min

6. Load: 250, 500, 1000g

7. Counter: LED 0~99999999

8. Distance tussen test piece and suction port: 3 mm

9. Volume: 45×35×42 cm

10. Weight: 28 kg

11. Power supply: 1∮AC 220V, 10A

12. Arbitrary configuration: test

Taber wear resistance test machine test steps معدات اختبار

Test a few grindstones, a vacuum cleaner

In accordance with the standards :

DIN53754, 53799, 53109, 52347, TAPPI T476, ASTM D3884, ISO 54701, ASTM D 1175

Test Steps:

1. Clamp Test Sample

Place the cut sample on the test bench according to standard requirements.

Hold the sample flat, tighten the compression nut and gasket and tighten the sample retaining ring with an Allen wrench.

2. Wear wheel clamping and weight

The pre-ground standard wear wheel is mounted on the front inner side of the balance arm and the compression nut is tightened.

Clamp it bijFix the corresponding weight or balance the weight according to the required pressure.

In accordance with the specifications of the grinding wheels tested for different materials in the corresponding standards, install the grinding wheels with the corresponding specifications.

3. Start

Turn on the power switch.

Set a preset number of laps on the counter.

Press the start button, the motor will drive the turntable to start spinning.


1. When the grinding wheel is worn to the surface of the sticker or the grinding wheel is uneven, it should will be replaced.

2. Before measuring each sample, the grinding wheel should be cleaned with a brush.