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Taber abrasion resistance tester

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Taber abrasion resistance tester

Taber abrasion resistance tester

Taber Type Abrasion Tester Introduction

The instrument can be used to flat grinding, mill grinding, edge grinding, folding grinding and anti-frost, edge-close and fleece and other wear-resistant test, can be used for woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, coated fabrics, fleece fabrics, socks, knitted fabrics, knitted fabrics, felt, nonwoven, deep fabric, yarn, cord plastic film, rubber, leather, paper, and many other materials. The test sample may be dry or immersed in water, oil, or other liquids.

Taber Universal Wear Tester Core advantages

Simple operation, display real-time speed, the speed control can be achieved 30-75rpm adjustment,

wearing can be preset number of turns. Arm can match with balance weights, accurate weight balance abrasion arm,

to realize the ASTM standard which requires 125 g pressure requirements

Vacuuming mouth height is adjustable, and adapt to different thickness materials, efficient removal of debris, improve test accuracy

Brand motor, mute, low noise, smooth operation

Taber abrasion resistance tester Features:

Operation panel with LCDscreen, display real-time speed with speed button, 30-75rpm speed adjustable.The number of wear cycles can be preset, setting range 1-999999 times.

The rear arm can precisely balance the weight of the worn arm with balance weights to meet the 125 g pressure according to the ASTM standard, as well as other standards and special pressure requirements.

Vacuum pump suction height is adjustable to meet material testing in different thickness. Besides, it can be efficiently eliminate debris to improve test accuracy.

Technical Parameters

The test runs in automatic mode, ensuring both accurate of the test results with repeatability and eliminating the need for the operator to evaluate the test results;

The advanced gripping device ensures constant sample tension;

With a flat-grinding test head (inflatable membrane type of wear test method) and a mill-grinding test head and the required weight and the initial abrasive;

Built-in timer and mechanical cycle counter;

The machine with a reciprocating table, flat grinding / mill grinding test head mounted on top;

Clamping ring inner diameter: 94 mm;

Lock ring height: ≤9.5 mm;

Speed: 120 ± 15/min;

Moving: 25 mm;

Air pressure: 62 kPa (9 psi);

Dimensions: 330 × 500 × 460mm (length × width × height);

Weight: 33kg (72lb);

Power: 120/230 V, 50/60 Hz, 2A / 1A.