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Roller Abrasion Tester

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Roller Abrasion Tester

Roller Abrasion Tester


Car tire performance and its service life is directly related to the running condition of the car, and has a great impact on the safety driving of the car. Roller abrasion test apparatus is designed to simulate the wear state of the car tire material in the actual use condition, and suitable for the wear resistance test of materials under 160kg load. The device has an electric-driven controlled turntable, on which abrasive materials can be installed. The test roller is clamped by the test arm through the bearing. During the test, the actual use condition of material is simulated by adjusting the turntable speed, wear time, or test pressure, to identify the product quality and process results.

Structure & Function

The device is mainly composed of drive system, pressure system, heating system, and test arms.

Drive Unit:

Drive motor (about Φ 400mmx500mm,power 5.5kw)Programmable PLC can control the start of the motor, acceleration, deceleration, forward and reverse motion , deceleration and stop; The test base plate is driven to rotate by motor, and the abrasive material can be installed and fixed by screw nuts; End bearing mounted under the test base plate to improve the stability of the turntable operation.

Pressure system:

Use the motor (about Φ80mmx150mm) to promote the hydraulic pump to apply the vertical force on the test roller;

The motor system can tilt to facilitate sample clamping and installation;

The flexible hydraulic pump piston can compensate the pressure lost in real time during the test due to the friction, and maintain a constant pressure during the test.

Heating system:

Use high temperature resistant stainless steel heating rod as the heat source, providing stable heating and durability;

Large heat sink, with the circulation fan distributes the heat evenly in the test chamber;

Thermocouple with temperature feedback regulation system maintain a constant temperature in the whole test chamber.

Testing arm:

One end of the horizontal guide bar is connected with the supporting shaft, and the torsion angle of the horizontal guide rod and the extension length is regulated by the rotor on the supporting shaft (centered on force bearing point of the test roller) ;

The other end of the horizontal guide rod holds the inner ring of the roller bearing .

Magnetic induction device: when the rubber on the surface of the test roller is worn out, the test stops;

Pressure sensor: real-time monitor the sample roller’s pressure during the test.


1 , The LCD screen controls and displays the test process. Menu-type operation module;

2, Unique test arm design can achieve twisting and translation;

3, Personalized settings: set the frequency of wear, wear time, wear speed, sample deviation angle and test pressure and other parameters according to user requirement;

4, The unique pressure control system achieves the precise control of the sample load during the test;

5, The specimen holder is simple and stable with enough visible space to observe the sample changes;

6, Stable and safe design ensures the stability and safety of the test device under high pressure test;

7, Security settings:

Safety cover: test goes under the transparent safety cover; safety cover has a magnetic door switch. At the end of the test, open the safety cover and the test suspends;

Start and stop switch: the control panel has an emergency stop switch. The test can be forced to stop by this function key during test;

Electromagnetic induction design: when test roller was overly worn and broken, start to suspend the test.

8, Various test modes optional:

A. Timing mode: stop the test at the preset time;

B. Counting mode: stop the test when the preset number of cycles is done;