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T270 Taber 5155 Abrasion Tester-Taber 5135 Friction Testing Machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:28

Taber 5155 Abraser-taber 5135 friction testing machine produces \"X\" type friction through the rotation of a pair of friction wheels. Equipped with a full set of auxiliary weights, sample holders, friction wheels, vacuum devices, membrane control keypads and electronic counters.

Product introduction

Product details :

Taber 5155 Abraser-taber 5135 Friction Testing MachineMainly use various kinds of friction wheels on the sample by rotary grinding spin to test the abrasion resistance of leather and plastic materials. Select the default applicable weight set for testing material properties. Detects weight loss on the outer surface of the sample, such as obvious mechanical damage, TAPPI T476, ISO 9352, ISO 5470-1, JIS K7204, JIS A1453, JIS K6902, JIS L1096, JIS K6964, DIN 52347, DIN 53109, DIN 53754, DIN 53799 and other standards

Experimental principle:

Taber 5155 Abraser-taber 5135 Friction Testing Machine Generates \"X\" by rotation of a pair of friction wheels type of friction. Equipped with a full set of auxiliary weights, sample holders, friction wheels, vacuum devices, membrane control keypads and electronic counters.

Scope of application:

Testing includes wear resistance of metals, paints, plate surfaces, coating materials, textiles, leather, rubber, etc. . Applications: Suitcases, carpets, cardboard, clothing, glass, plastic coatings, ceramic tiles, metal plates, paints, varnishes, decorative plates, high voltage plates, plastics, textiles, resilient floor mats, traffic paint, anodizing, blankets, electronic parts, decorative panels, waxes, labels, leather cases, dental materials, car interiors, resins, furniture, etc.

The control panel hasft the following functions:

Digital display test phase and menu Selection:

RPM selection key - used to set the speed

Vacuum level - to adjust the suction power of the vacuum pump

RUB RPM - shows completed (counting starts automatically after pressing the start button)

Let the vacuum cleaner run - to clean the drive shaft and the sample platform

The internal memory system can record in the event of a sudden power failure Speed


Test piece: outer diameter 108 mm, inner diameter 8 mm , 3mm(D)

Grinding wheel: diameter 2”(M*45mm)1/2”(W)

Center distance grinding wheel: 63.5 mm

Center distance between grinding wheel and test wheel: 37~38 mm

Rotational speed: 60/72 rpm

Weight: 250g, 500g, 1000g

Counter: LCD , 0~999.999

Volume: 530×320×310+vacuum cleaner

Weight: 18kg (without vacuum cleanerr)

Power supply: 1φ, 220v/ 50HZ

Calculation formula wear index: wear loss weight / formula number of revolutions × 100


*Sanding Process

Place the material to be tested on the turntable and press the two grinding wheels with a certain weight on the material to make it wear and tear.

When a sample with an area of ​​10 x 10 cm is subjected to abrasion, the surface material of the sample is abraded by full angle particles or silk fabrics to form a complete ring.

The grinding wheel rotates with the rotating surface of the sample disc, resulting in relative movement and wear, and the offset of the grinding wheel axis from the rotating axis of the turntable during the rotation process produces a sliding motion, causing the material is abrasive.

Simulate or meet actual usage conditionsthe test conditions specified in the standard

- A variety of different wear media and accessories can be selected for different tests

- Yes Repeat the test on the same point of a material, the thickest material about 0.5\" is damaged or worn

- Two speeds can be set (60, 72 rpm), 0-50000 rpm (Quick set 100, 500, 1000 or 2500 rpm) and 3 types of load .

Vacuum cleaner removes dirt

The suction arm of the vacuum pump passes through the hinge and the back of the instrument Adjustable unit connection allows precise adjustment of the height Different sample thicknesses

Ensure the stability and accuracy of the test

Strict control ensures reliable results

The selection of the selected grinding wheel abrasive is strictly controlled Quality control, high quality, good stability