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Surface point-to-point resistance tester

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Surface point-to-point resistance tester

Surface point-to-point resistance tester

This instrument can be used to measure the point-to-point resistance of various fabrics, carpets, films, and other insulation materials, thereby reflecting the electrostatic performance of the test materials. The point-to-point resistivity tester is specifically designed for measuring the surface resistance of anti-static engineering. It can measure the point-to-point resistance of anti-static fabrics and the surface resistivity of anti-static clothing (electrodes need to be customized). It can be used by anti-static product manufacturers, standard metrology departments, as well as military and scientific research units.

Applicable standards:

National standard GB12014-2009 "Anti static Clothing"

Instrument features:

The experimental setup of this instrument mainly consists of two parts: a flat electrode device and a high resistance meter. The basic principle is to apply different levels of DC voltage to the sample, amplify the weak current flowing through the sample with a standard resistor, and read it out from the high resistance meter. The resistance value is directly displayed by numbers, with high accuracy, fast display, good stability, and convenient reading.

Technical indicators:

1. Adopting a highly integrated 3 1/2 digit digital display.

2. Range: 1 × 105 Ω~1.999 × 1013 Ω

3. Test voltage is DC100V or customized

4. Working environment temperature: 20 ℃± 2 ℃, humidity: 35% ± 10% RH

5. Test accuracy: ± 5% when ≤ 1012 Ω; When>1012 Ω, it is 20%.