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Surface area analyzer

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Surface area analyzer

Surface area analyzer

The surface area analyzer measures pressure and calculates the amount of gas absorbed from the difference between the amount of gas allowed to flow into the system and the amount of gas remaining in the system. The BET theory of gas absorption is used to calculate surface area based on the amount of gas absorbed from pressure measurements.

A clean surface is formed by an adsorption film that remains unchanged and is exposed to gas. The adsorption film can also form on the surface of porous materials, and the amount of gas adsorbed on the surface at a constant temperature depends on the magnitude of pressure.

Product features:

1. Designed with advanced technology, the instrument is aesthetically pleasing, easy to operate, and has a long usage mission.

2. Perform surface area (single point and multi-point) analysis.

3. Can measure the volume of voids.

4. Fast, only 4 minutes, accurate results.

5. Highly reproducible.

6. Samples can be discharged on-site.

7. Automatic calibration routine.

8. High degree of automation, automatic operation, and requiring the least number of operators.

9. Very low maintenance costs.

10. Stable and affordable.

Operation steps:

1. The sample is placed in the sample chamber, and the mass and density of the sample are input into the experimental setup of the fully automated instrument.

2. Slowly discharge the sample to remove any absorbed gas.

3. Once the exhaust is completed, the user immediately installs a liquid nitrogen vacuum bottle, allowing the gas to flow into the system.

4. Continuously measure flow rate and pressure, and report surface area at the end of the experiment.

Technical parameters:

Pressure accuracy: Read 0.15%

Test pressure: 100200 and 500psi

Pressure and flow resolution: 1 in 6000

Maximum detectable gap size: 500 μ M

Flow rate: up to 200SLPM (standard liters per minute)

Sample size: diameter 0.25 "-2.5" (thickness up to 1.5 "); Diameter 5mm-60mm (thickness can reach 40mm)

Geometric samples: thin sheets, rods, tubes, hollow fibers, film, powder, etc