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SUN master desktop xenon lamp aging test chamber

Author: Released in:2024-03-22 Click:16

SUN master desktop xenon lamp aging test chamber

SUN master desktop xenon lamp aging test chamber

The desktop xenon lamp test chamber uses xenon arc lamps that can simulate the full spectrum of sunlight to reproduce destructive light waves in different environments, providing corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated testing for scientific research product development and quality control. The desktop xenon lamp test chamber can be used for the selection of new materials, improvement of existing materials, or evaluation of durability changes after material composition changes. It can effectively simulate the changes in materials exposed to sunlight under different environmental conditions.

The entire equipment material of the desktop xenon lamp test box is imported SUS304 stainless steel plate, with an outer surface sprayed with plastic, which has a beautiful and novel shape. The sample is dynamically rotated, and the speed is adjustable; Imported CNC instruments and small time programmers; Equipped with a filter observation window and emitting harmful gases at the air outlet; The aging illumination of the desktop xenon lamp can be adjusted to 300-780nm. The desktop xenon lamp test box is adjusted according to industry standards, with a current of 0-30A

Main features:

Test box - a small economical xenon lamp tester with a exposure area of 560cm2.

Light source - air-cooled xenon lamp, with irradiance controlled between 300-800nm.

Control system - a keyboard control system with two rows of LED displays; Monitor and control irradiance and black label temperature, monitor and display test box temperature; Microprocessors control all parameters; Users can calibrate and adjust irradiance; Can store 6 user preset programs, each up to 6 segments.

Supports 1500W high-power precision air-cooled xenon lamp tubes, with each tube guaranteed to last for 1500 hours. The equipment comes standard with one tube

Maximum exposure area of 560 cm2

Directly set and control irradiance (300-800nm or 300-400nm/340nm)

Directly set and control the black label temperature BST

Display the temperature inside the box

The control panel displays all control parameters and automatic diagnostic information

Parameter check

Built in 2 built-in testing programs

Support 6 custom testing programs for customers

Multilingual user interface

Adopting desktop design, external dimensions: 79cm long x 36cm wide x 36cm high

Static flat sample stage for testing flat and 3D samples

Control black label temperature of 45-100 ° C through fan (without SunCool cooler)

Non aging long-lasting filtering system and reflector, coated quartz filter and optional reflector surface

Automatic countdown function based on irradiation amount or time

Using basic filters as carriers for additional optical filters

RS232 data output interface

Software updates through internal integrated memory card

Technical parameters:

Studio size: 320 * 500 * 300mm

Power: ≤ 3.5KW (lamp life is about 2500 hours)

Temperature range: RT+10~70 ℃

Volatility; ± 0.5 ℃

Cooling method: air cooling

Rainfall time: 0-99 minutes adjustable (with or without sprinkler, optional)

Light source; Air-cooled xenon arc lamp

Equipment features: With light and temperature

Radiation intensity; 0.51W (340nm)

Wavelength: 300-780nm

Dimming range: 5% to 100%

Uniformity: ± 2 ℃

Controller: Select original imported microcomputer PID temperature controller for temperature control

Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.01 ℃, use a metal body surface chrome plated with black module body, and then fix the sensor on the surface to test the effective temperature; To represent component temperature (two black modules delivered)

Sensor: Platinum resistance PT100 Ω/MV

Time controller: Adopting Dahua control system, with a timing range of 0-999H;

Heating method: SSR solid-state relay contactless heating

Water supply method: If equipped with sprinkler, it comes with a water replenishment function

Water level control: stainless steel level gauge

Water tank: external fixed water tank 5L

Compliant with standards:

ASTM D3424

ASTM D5071

ASTM D6695




Final Rule FDA-1978-N-0018

ICH Guidelines Q1B

ISO 10977

ISO 11431

ISO 11979-5

ISO 24443

ISO 4049

ISO 4892-1

ISO 4892-2

ISO 7491