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Structural features of EG41J British standard diaphragm valve

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:109

1. The difference between the rubber-lined diaphragm valve and other valves is that it adopts the structure without stuffing box; the rubber diaphragm can corrode the medium in the flow channel and All actuator components are in an insulated state, eliminating the disadvantages of \"walking, popping, dripping and leaking\" of ordinary valves.

2. Because the flow path of the diaphragm valve is smooth and the flow resistance is small, a larger flow rate can be obtained.

3. There are many types of rubbers to choose from on the surface of the inner cavity of the valve. Therefore, it has superior corrosion resistance properties.

4. The sealing part is an elastic rubber membrane. Therefore, it also has better airtightness and aminimum closing force.

5. Rubber lined diaphragm valve is composed of valve body, bonnet, disc, valve stem, diaphragm and other drive parts A valve body.

6. According to different packaging materials, it can be applied to different liquid medium pipelines at different temperatures, as a control medium flow. and closing mechanism.