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Brief Introduction of American Parker PC55 Control Valve

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:25

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The PC55 series is a high quality, durable product for applications requiring long life and repeatabilityisen. The valve can be designed for load sensing post compensation system applications. With post-compensation, this series of valves allows flow balancing when excessive pump demand is required. The valve program is designed on one side and different types of operation are possible, such as manual, hydraulically controlled, pneumatic and electro-hydraulic. In addition to these options, there is a wide variety of coil and port mounting options to suit any need. For decades, the PC55 has been on the market with an unparalleled design.

From the perspective of control valve applications, the development direction is as follows:

Small actuators: can reduce costs and improve flow capacity;

Sleeve guide: The use of sleeve guide is beneficial for centering, reducing friction, reducing noise and exchanging flow characteristics;

Balanced coil: omreduce the thrust or thrust of the actuator, it is important to use a balanced coil, which also improves the dynamic performance of the system;

Valve core and valve seat integration: to To overcome the shortcoming of the double-seat valve\'s poor sealing, the integrated valve core and valve seat of the same material are used to form the valve trim, which minimizes the leakage and unbalanced force at the same time;

Simple flow path: the flow path is simple and the flow resistance is reduced, which not only reduces the pressure loss at both ends of the valve, but also the cost;

Sealing and friction: sealing performance and friction performance are two contradictory aspects. In the design of control valves, not only should be solved the sealing problem, but also performance indicators such as friction Attention should be paid to het life. Therefore, attention has been paid to research on stuffing boxes and packing structures, and rotary control valves have been widely used;

Reduce noise: Use various methods to reduce the noise of the control valve, for example, use noise reduction sleeve and coil, use multi-stage coil, use sound reduction restrictor plate, use expander etc.;

Use the control valve with the same diameter as the pipe and the valve trim that restricts the flow capacity: it is beneficial to control the inlet pressure of the valve and reduce the fluid flow rate at the outlet, and there is no need to install additional pipe fittings such as reducers, which is beneficial to reduce costs. Replacing valve trims with large flow capacity can increase the flow capacity, and the error of too high calculation caliber can be corrected by selecting valve trims with limited flow capacity; in the era of digitalization and information provision, more intelligent positioners or digital controllers will be used. In order to realize the nonlinear law and compensate for the nonlinearity of the controlled object, the control valve current characteristics will be used less to control the compensate for non-linearity of the controlled object; the valve liner material changes with temperature, so the influence of thermal expansion at different temperatures must be considered. The change of the high temperature resistance voltage level should also be considered, and the corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance of the material should also be considered.

Control valve, also called regulating valve, is the main type of actuator. By receiving the control signal from the regulating control unit, it uses power to change the fluid flow. Rregulating valves are generally composed of actuators and valves. As according to the power used by the matching actuator, the control valve can be divided into three types: pneumatic, electric and hydraulic, that is, the pneumatic control valve using compressed air as the power source, the electric control valve with electricity as the power source and the liquid medium (such as oil) etc.) Pressure-driven electro-hydraulic control valves, in addition, according to their functions and characteristics, there are also solenoid valves, electronic, intelligent, fieldbus control valves, etc.