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Structural analysis of IPX1 and IPX2 of rain test equipment

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The rain test equipment is mainly used to check the shell and sealing of the electrical and electronic products after the water test. Or that the good working performance and technical condition of the equipment and components can be guaranteed during the test. At the same time, the product can be affected by the ingress of moisture during transport or use, which is a reference for product technical standards.

This equipment is designed and manufactured according to the relevant technical parameters of GB2423.38-90, GB/T4942.2/93 and GB/T4208/93, and can also be manufactured according to customer requirements. . It is suitable for artificial rain testing based on natural conditions. There is no rainfall with high wind speed, and the high temperature of the sample and the large amount of water caused by the temperature difference of rainwater are not taken into account.

Rain test equipment consists of four onparts: slewing tube support, slewing tube drive, working turntable and electric control. The support, the turntable protective cover, the water storage tank, the test water pressure return device and the console are all made of SUS304 stainless steel hairline.

The swing of the pipe is realized by the mechanical transmission such as the motor, the frequency converter (imported part) driving the reducer, the eccentric wheel mechanism and the rack and pinion. The frequency converter is used to adjust the number of pipe swings per unit time, and the angle is adjusted by the eccentric wheel mechanism.

Worktable rotation: The motor drives the worm gear to decelerate and rotate, so as to achieve the rotational speed of the worktable. An adjustable grid-type lifting aid sample rack is installed on the upper part of the main workbench. Adjust the height of the additional sample holder according to the different diameters of the blsingle tube. The grid sample rack can effectively increase the test area of ​​the swing tube when spraying the bottom of the suit.

Nozzle: Determine the bending radius of the pendulum according to the size of the test piece. The nozzle is a detachable nozzle, and the nozzle hole can be replaced at any time according to the hole diameter required by the standard, so that the sprayed water droplets are uniform and the flow rate is sufficient.

Water cycle: The water storage tank is connected to the water source to automatically subsidize the test water, and the water is sent to the swivel nozzle nozzle by the booster pump through the diversion device, flow meter and pressure gauge.

IPx 1
Method: Vertical drop test
Test method:
Sample placement: Place the sample on the 1r/min rotating sample table according to the normal working position, and reach the top of the sample the drop. The distance between the mouth and the mouth is not more than 200mm.
Testomconditions: The drip rate is 10.5 ml/min.
Duration: 10 minutes

IPx 2
Method: Inclined 15° drop test.
Test Method:
Sample Placement: Make a surface of the sample at an angle of 15° to the vertical and the distance from the top of the sample to the drop opening should not exceed 200mm. After each test, the other surface was replaced four times.
Test conditions: The drip rate is 30.5 ml/min.
Duration: 4×2.5 minutes (10 minutes in total)

Main parameters:
Test water temperature: 80±5℃;
Spray pressure: 8 MPa ~ 10 MPa;
Water spray flow: 14L/min ~ 16L/min;

Lab Test Instrument

Number of nozzles: 4 (installation positions 0, 30, 60, 90);
Spray distance: adjustable from 100~150mm to 150mm;
Syringe injection time: 0-99.9 seconds (can be set);
Nozzles are changed automatically according to the sequence time;
Test bench size: φ400mm;
Sampling table speedl: 51r/min;
Lift platform: 300mm~400mm adjustable;
Control method: PLC controller + touch screen control, inverter to pre-adjust the water supply;
Power supply: 380V/50Hz, 19kW;
The diameter of the spray hole: ф0.4/0.8/1.2 mm, distance: 50 mm).
Angle range of tube pendulum: 45, 60 , 135, 150
Spray angle pendulum: 60, 90; swing radius: R200, R400, R600, R800, R1000)
Swing speed: stepless speed regulation, rainwater pressure: 80KPa (adjustable), water flow: 0.1±0.005-12±0.05 L/min (adjustable);
Test bench Size: ф600 Test bench speed: 1r/min or specify when ordering that the spray water is clean soft tap water.

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