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What are the features of the touch screen click and dash tester?

Author: Released in:2022-11-25 Click:57

The touch screen click and scribe tester developed by our company is a combination of precision machinery and automatic scribe control. This machine is mainly used for durability testing of handwriting screens and touch screens of small consumer electronics such as mobile phones, intercoms and electronic dictionaries. , by painting, pointing, kneading. The product has the advantages of strong function, simple programming, convenient operation and low price.

Equipment Features:

Lab Test Instrument

. Motion track and test: convenient coordinate point search function. You only need to select any three points in the program to generate motion trajectories such as circles and triangles, select any two points to draw lines, and select any four points to draw rectangles. It can also save the movement trajectory according to the specifications ofn the test mobile phone for the next call;
2. Using stepper motors with linear guide rails and ballscrews as moving mechanism, precise positioning, high precision, low noise; durable and so on.
3. Real-time display of current X, Y coordinate values, motor drive speed, real-time position changes, etc.
4. The machine is made of high-rigidity aluminum material, the surface is anodized, and the texture is rich.
5. The XY axes are driven by stepper motors and ballscrews, with high speed, low noise and durability;

Equipment parameters:
X axis movement range: 0~300mm
Y axis movement range : 0~ 300mm

Click cylinder stroke: 0~15mm
Positioning accuracy: 0.05mm
Moving speed: 30-3000mm/min
br>Pressure range: 0~800 gf
Volume: 750 x 600 x 450mm
Weight: 80kg
Power supply: AC220V

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