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Stone impact testing machine

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Stone impact testing machine

Stone impact testing machine

The stone impact tester is mainly used to accurately reproduce the breakage phenomenon caused by splashing sand and gravel. It is suitable for testing the adhesion failure of external coatings, testing the adhesion failure between different layers in coating systems, testing the brittle thickness of hard glass materials, the optimal coating thickness for anti peeling, and testing the anti peeling, collision, and wear resistance of plastics and glass. Used to test the high impact resistance of single and multi-layer paint coatings or similar coatings on particle simulation vehicles and other transportation vehicles traveling on roads and tracks. Meets the testing requirements of SAE, ASTM, VDA, GM, Ford, Mazda, JIS, Nissan, and Toyota. The stone impact testing machine/anti stone impact tester meets the testing requirements of automobile manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Citroen, General Motors, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Honda, Ford, etc.

Testing principle:

The stone impact testing machine is a high-precision multi impact instrument, which has the advantage of obtaining results with good repeatability and comparability. By compressing air and accelerating sharp particles to impact the sample, the air storage tank of the instrument itself can reduce the impact of instantaneous pressure fluctuations of external compressed air to provide a constant impact pressure. The particles are fed through vibration. The multifunctional display can display working pressure, testing time, vibration particle feeding method, and impact frequency (total/current)

Applicable scope:

The multifunctional gravel impact testing machine/stone resistance tester is a new type of testing machine that meets the requirements of different standards for automotive materials and surface coatings in terms of resistance to sand, gravel, and other media impact tests.

Applicable standards:

GMW 1407, JIS M0141, TL211-6, GME 60 268, ASTM D3170, SAE J400, FORD, Chrysler 463PB-39-01, GMW14668-3.4.9, Chrysler 463PB-52-01, GM 9119P/9508P/9619P, Mazda MES MN 601C, Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota, ISO 20567-1

Instrument features:

1. The test spray gun can be freely and quickly replaced to meet the requirements of VDA, SAE, JIS and other standards

2. Touch screen settings make the testing process more convenient and concise

3. The test sample can meet the requirements of multi angle placement, and irregular samples are placed in a 3D test box

4. By using continuous or intermittent operation, multiple tests can be completed in a short period of time

5. The feeding rate is adjusted through an electromagnetic vibration feeder

6. Large volume compressed air storage tanks can ensure constant pressure and flow rate, and the pressure can be controlled through regulating valves

7. Easy to use

The structure of the gravel impact testing machine is sturdy enough to withstand the strength of hundreds of daily specimen impact tests. The flat plate type time clamp installed outside the collision room facilitates the loading and unloading of specimens and can withstand the requirements of high-strength testing. There are also easy to operate external feeders and gravel recovery boxes. The digital test counter can accurately track the number of tests conducted by the recorder. The nozzle type pressure sensor can reflect the pressure changes in the northern part of the gun assembly. It is easy to adjust the levelness using the built-in level and adjustable footing.

Characteristics of Stone Impact Testing Machine:

The new gravel impact machine is composed of standard components assembled and equipped with easy to load and unload accessories, achieving all major standard automotive material gravel collision tests on one machine. The only one in China that uses a universal adjustment device, which can adjust the impact angle from 0 to 180. (The so-called multifunctionality of other manufacturers is to equip multiple collision boxes with different angles. Disadvantage 1 is that customers constantly replace collision boxes with different angles during use, which is very troublesome to replace, and each collision box with different angles takes up a large area. Disadvantage 2 is that the collision boxes equipped are incomplete, which cannot meet the angle impact needs of customers for subsequent additions.)

Test bench impact window: 300 * 300 mm. (Compared to other manufacturers, our product can be adjusted and fixed according to the different styles and sizes of the product, and can be adjusted and fixed according to the movable support frame).

The collision box adopts an overall structure, and the entire impact mechanism of the equipment is located inside the collision box, including the test sample. A safe and reasonable design eliminates the possibility of splashing out of the test impact medium due to poor sealing of samples of different specifications (especially circular arc samples).

Adopting a large capacity gas storage tank with a capacity of up to 170 L. (30% larger than any domestic manufacturer, with more stable impact pressure).

The main standard components of the impact testing machine include: gun components, collision chamber, and specimen gripper.

The impact test can quickly load and unload specimens and is equipped with an external sand and gravel collection box, which is convenient and practical.

Display method: The operating instrument panel is a touch screen, which is easy to operate and clear at a glance. (Others use digital or pointer display)

Working pressure range: 0~5.0 kgf/cm2/level 1.6 (adjustable according to the actual gas source pressure of the customer, up to 8.0 kgf/cm2)

Spray gun: standard with one SAE and one VDA each (extremely easy to replace).

Feeding method: automatic feeding (adjustable feeding speed)

Safety device: When the collision chamber door is open or not installed, the safety power-off switch will automatically close for testing (other homes do not have this safety measure and function). The equipment has functions such as leakage protection, air pressure overpressure, and pressure relief protection.

Equipment size approximately: 1800 L * 950 W * 1500H mm

Technical indicators:

EMC immunity: EN 50082-2 (1995)

EMC Radioactivity: Meets the requirements of EN 55011 (1997) Level 1


Gas consumption: A maximum of 80psi is required for a gas flow rate of 100 cubic feet per minute for 5-10 seconds (less required by VDA standards)

Compressed air: pressure of 80psi, flow rate of 100 cubic feet per minute

Inner diameter of compressed air pipeline: SAE test: 3/4 inch (19mm) or larger

VDA test: 1/2 inch or larger

Air tank volume: 30 gallons

Operating temperature: -30 ℃ -- -40 ℃

Maximum relative humidity: When the temperature reaches 31 ℃, the humidity is 80%, and when the temperature reaches 40 ℃, the humidity decreases linearly to 50%

Pollution control: achieving level 2 environmental protection

Sound pressure level: approximately 130dBA

Altitude: 2000m

Continuous operation: suitable for continuous operation

Inner diameter of gun barrel:

SAE J400: 2.07 inches (52.6mm)

VDA: 11.42 inches (290mm)

Sample size for flat inspection:

4X6 inches (101.6 X152.4mm)

4X8 inches (101.6 X203.2mm)

4X12 inches (101.6 X304.8mm)

Thickness up to 7/16 inches (11.11mm)

The maximum width of the sample can also be accepted as 4.125 inches (104.8mm)

Optional attachments:

In order to meet the diverse experimental requirements of customers, various accessories are specially configured:

1. Pneumatic fixture (only applicable to 90 degree impact)

2. Impact angle adapter: 30o 45o 60o 90o

3. Impact particles: 4-5mm sharp GH diamante steel sand and steel balls