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Sole abrasion tester testing machine / AKRON abrasion testing machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:107

Main application:
Abrasion testing machine for shoe sole/AKRON abrasion tester is used to measure the abrasion resistance of vulcanized rubber.Friction is performed under the influence of angle and load to measure the wear volume of the sample within a certain mileage.

Technical parameters:
1. Grinding wheel specifications: φ150×25mm, particle size 36﹟, aluminum oxide or φ150×38mm, particle size 40﹟, aluminum oxide
2 Weight weight: 26.7 ± 0.2 N or 27.5 N ± 0.2 N and other specifications
3. Sample shaft speed: 76 ± 2r/min
4. Grinding wheel speed: 34±1r/min
5. Inclination example: 0°~45° adjustable
6. Counter: LCD liquid crystal display 0~999,999
7. Volume: 600×450×400mm
8 .Weight: about 60Kg
9. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

Detection standard:
GB/T1689, BS 903, CNS 734, JIS K6264
Main features:
1. The device is digitally set and displays the amount of wear;
2. Automatic shutdown, integrating the design of the host and electric control;
3. It adopts calibrated grinding wheel, which is beautiful in appearance and easy to operate. It is an improved testing machine in China;
4. It meets the requirements of GB/T 1689 \"Determination of Abrasion Resistance of Vulcanized Rubber\" and other standards.