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Vulcanized rubber abrasion tester / sole abrasion tester testing machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:23

Main application:
Vulcanized rubber wear resistance tester/sole wear tester testing machine is used to measure the wear resistance of vulcanized rubber, through the sample and grinding wheel in a certain The friction is carried out under influence of inclination angle and load, and the wear volume of the sample is measured within a certain mileage.

Test standard:
GB/T1689, BS 903, CNS 734, JIS K6264
Technical parameters:
1. Grinding wheel specification: φ150×25mm, particle size 36﹟, aluminum oxide or φ150×38mm, particle size 40﹟, aluminum oxide
2. Weight weight: 26.7±0.2N or 27.5N±0.2N, etc. Specifications
3. Sample shaft speed: 76±2r/min
4. Grinding wheel rotation speed: 34±1r/min
5. Tilt angle example: 0°~45° adjustable
6 Counter: LCD liquid crystal display 0~999,999
7. Volume: 600×450×400mm
8. Weight: about 60 kg
9. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

 Main features:
1. The device is digitally set and displays the amount of wear;
2. Automatic shutdown, integrating the host and electrical control design;
3. It adopts calibrated grinding wheel, which is beautiful in appearance and easy to operate. It is an improved testing machine in China;
4. It meets the requirements of GB/T 1689 \"Determination of abrasion resistance of vulcanized rubber\" and other standards.