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Sibao Technology takes the lead in the national key research and development plan and plans to launch the world\’s first research and development project –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:74

Siliconbao Technology takes the lead in the national key R&D plan to launch the world\'s first project

On December 4, the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” national key R&D plan “Technological improvement and industrialization of materials of key basis \"The project kick-off meeting and implementation plan consultation and review meeting were held in Chengdu. The meeting was hosted by the High-Tech Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Silicon Bao Technology (9.26 +9.98%, Diagnostic Stock) will serve as the main unit to implement the research and development of the project.

It is reported that Wang Youzhi, president of Silicon Bao Technology (300019), will be the project leader of \"New Functional Composite Elastomer Preparation Technology\" and explore the application of silicone rubber in automobile tires. Wang Youzhi told a journalste of Securities Times Road E Company that if the research and development of silicone rubber tires is successful, it will free our country from excessive dependence on imported rubber raw materials, and automobile tires represent a market of several billion, which will also have a great impact on the future development of silicon technology. bring great perspectives.

Traditional rubber tires can be replaced

The global tire industry has been developing for more than 160 years. As an upstream industry of the automobile industry, the tire industry has followed the automobile industry. development and sustainable development. Among them, the development of the new car market and the continuous increase in the number of car owners have been the driving force for the development of the tire industry.

Today, China has become the largest cthe world\'s largest tire consumer, as well as the largest tire producer and exporter. Upstream of automobile tires, its main raw materials are natural rubber and synthetic rubber. 80% of my country\'s natural rubber depends on imports and oil, the country\'s main raw material. Natural rubber also depends mainly on imports. Faced with this situation, the application of non-petroleum silicone rubber in the tire industry is of great strategic importance to our country.

In September 2017, the High-Tech Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the \"Notice on the Establishment of the 2017 National Key Improvement Project of technology and industrialization of key basic materials\", \"New Functional Composite Elastomer Preparation Technology\" project was officially established.

According to theAccording to the reporter\'s understanding, this project will be jointly implemented by Siliconbao Technology and ten units including Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Changzhou University, Sichuan University and Nankai University. It will focus on wearable and high-tech smart electronic devices. The application demand for new functional elastomeric materials in performance tires and other fields is to create new functional elastomeric materials, carry out industrial application demonstrations, and fill the shortcomings of the above-mentioned functional elastomeric materials in China.

In this regard, Wang Youzhi revealed to a reporter from Securities Times Road E Company that Sibao Technology began to explore the use of silicone rubber in tires three years ago. Compared with traditional rubber tires, silicone rubber tires featuret many advantages, such as low temperature resistance, wet slip resistance and wear resistance. However, siliconeWhen rubber is used in tires, many problems need to be solved, such as puncture and tear resistance. Once these problems are solved, silicone rubber automobile tires will be industrialized and are expected to replace traditional rubber tires. This industry is expected to grow exponentially.

The board occupies a position of development in Sichuan

In September this year, a series of announcements on the equiThe changes took place once further brought Silicon Treasure Technology back to the attention of investors.

On September 21, Silicon Bao Technology announced that Wang Yuelin, Chen Yanwen and Zeng Yonghong, the company\'s shareholders who collectively hold 17.91% ofshares, and Sichuan Development Guohong Modern Service Industry Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guohong Modern) signed a \"Share Transfer Agreement\", which stipulates that the transferor will transfer a total of 58.9154 million shares of the listed company it holds directly to Guohong Modern.

The total price of this transfer is approximately 577 million yuan, and Guohong Modern will acquire 17.8% of the shares of Silicon Bao Technology, becoming the largest shareholder of the listed company. Information shows that Guohong Modern was established on December 2, 2016. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sichuan Development. Its legal representative is Fu Hongbo, with registered capital of 400 million euros.million yuan. It carries out project investments, asset management and land consolidation under the leadership of Sichuan Development. Waiting for business.

It is worth mentioning that Sichuan Development is a100% state-owned enterprise of the Sichuan provincial government. It is a state-owned capital operating platform for financial participation, industrial investment leadership, and enterprise reform and development in Sichuan Province. It is known as the Sichuan Provincial Comprehensive Enterprise. Sex industry investment and financing platform. At the end of 2016, Sichuan\'s development assets amounted to 755.877 billion yuan, with a total operating income of 140.772 billion yuan and a total profit of 8.096 billion yuan that year. Its development directions include transportation, energy, finance, mining, infrastructure, strategic emerging industries and other areas.

In response to the above questions, Guo Bin, director of Sibao Technology, told a reporter from Securities Times Road E Company that public capital investment in Sibao Technology is more aimed at becoming a strategic shareholder. She further pointed out that Sichuan has significant development funds and is now mainly deployed in mining, finance, traditional industries and other fields. Silicon Bao technology is a key part of the development and layout of Sichuan\'s new materials industry.

Regarding the future management structure, Guo Bin revealed that Sichuan Development will definitely have a seat on the board of directors, and the listed company has fully communicated with the other party. In fact, Sichuan Development does not want to make Sibao Technology a subsidiary within its management system and will not interfere with Sibao Technology in management and professional aspects. In the future, Sibao Technology will benefit from the development platform andSichuan\'s resource advantages to cooperate in areas such as railway transportation, airport construction and infrastructure construction.