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Car interior maintenance requires a lot of attention.

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Car interior maintenance requires a lot of attention

Compared to the car body, many people do not pay special attention to the maintenance of the car. interior of the car. But think about it, when you drive your car, although the car body has excellent performance through careful maintenance, how can you maintain a pleasant driving atmosphere in the face of a dirty car interior? If you want to drive your car happily for many more years, cleaning and maintaining the car interior is essential.


Leather interior care

Most high-end models have leather seats and interior panels of leather door, and some car owners those who pay attention to the experience in the car will also install leather seats themselves for testyer to make the car more comfortable and luxurious. However, maintaining genuine leather cannot be done simply by rubbing it roughly.

First of all, chemical cleaning products should not be sprayed casually. When cleaning leather, you should use a strong alkaline detergent, such as soapy water, moisten a soft towel, and then gently wipe the leather. After cleaning, wipe with cotton paper towels.

Second, during the daily maintenance of leather seats and interiors, in addition to the well-known avoidance of scratches caused by sharp objects, you should also pay attention to dust protection and the sun. Since the ever-present dust absorbs the leather\'s natural oils, over time the initially shiny leather will become dry skin.

Finally, some experts have suggested that it is best not to useServing as protective agents for the maintenance of leather seats. Leather that often uses protective agents should be sprayed regularly, otherwise the leather surface will become dull when stopped. , rough. The most important thing is that these protective agents have no benefit on the maintenance of the leather apart from increasing the shine.


The sealing strip prevents water leakage

As we all know, the sealing strips Automobile bearings are all made of rubber due to their rubbery properties. Play a sealing role. If the sealing strip is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will age and crack easily, and the sealing performance will be greatly reduced. This will not only affect the sound insulation effect of the car, but in severe cases, water leakage and water seepage may occur.

How to maintainenergize the waterproofing?

Car owners can clean the sealing strips every one or two quarters. The specific method is as follows:

Wipe the dust on the runners and grooves with a clean, damp sponge first, then wipe it again with a dry sponge to ensure that the tape sealing can be carefully glued. cleaned up.

Finally, car owners should also be careful about where they park. If you must park your car outside for a long time, try to avoid direct exposure to sunlight. If possible, it is best to cover it with car-specific reflective clothing to prevent the sealing strips from coming loose around the doors and sunroof from warping and cracking due to heat. If unavoidable, do not use direct water splashes for physical coolingique. Large temperature differences often change the internal structure of the sealing strip, causing it to deform and crack. Additionally, regularly use a rubber sealant to seal the car\'s joints. Maintaining the sealing strip can also maintain the elasticity of the sealing strip for a long time.


Cleaning the footrests

The most easily dirty thing in the car are the footrests, which are in direct contact. contact with the soles of shoes and are exposed to rain and rain. Snowy weather will inevitably absorb rain or snow water on your shoes. If left unattended, mold can easily grow. So find a sunny day, take out your pads, and put them in the sun to dry well.

When you take the floor mats, be sure to fold them andtake them out of the car to prevent dust from spreading in the car. Use a duster to dust the surface and brush it with a brush before rinsing to remove dust deep in the gaps. If done regularly, it can effectively inhibit the appearance of lice or odors.

During the drying process, if it is a high pile carpet, try to hold the wool vertically, then dry the carpet diagonally. This way the water dries faster and the carpet looks better after drying.


Cleaning the car roof

The method of cleaning the roof should be handled differently according to different materials and colors of The roof. If not cleaned in time, permanent stains may appear and if not cleaned properly, the ceiling may be damaged, for example the surface of the ceiling fabric becomes peeled off.

The cleaner forVelvet seats should be used for light colored ceiling fabrics. Before cleaning, the seats should be folded down and then covered with a towel or seat cover to avoid contamination from water or detergent leaking from the roof. Then fill the sprayer with dilute water and detergent and spray it on the car roof. Once the cleanser has foamed slightly, scrub gently with a brush. Pay attention to using a softer brush and lighter force, otherwise it will easily cause pilling and damage the ceiling. Wait for the dirt to rise to the surface, then wipe away the suds with a wrung out towel. Remaining dirt can be removed with detergent.

If the roof material is vinyl, there will usually be many small dents on the surface. This material removes dirt more easily than a fabric roof, but dirt can be removed using a cleanersilicone-free window yant.

If you want to check how dirty a dark-colored ceiling is, simply wipe the surface gently with a clean, damp towel. If the white napkin is stained with brown dirt, it means that the car roof is very dirty. Regardless of the type of car, you can use this method to check it every two to three months. If you find that you can clean it with a damp towel, there is no need to use detergent.


Cleaning flannel seats

When cleaning the seats, the dust and dirt on the seats should be treated separately. First use a vacuum cleaner to clean any trash or dust remaining on the surface, and wipe it with a damp towel (preferably white) on the seat surface. If it is still not clean, use detergent to clean it.

The general methodThe general procedure for cleaning velor seats is to first open all the car doors, dust them with a feather duster and vacuum up the debris with a vacuum cleaner.

When using a cleaner, try to disperse the foam over the seat surface to float the dirt attached to the seat surface. Wait for the foam to gradually decrease, then use a brush.

When exfoliating, it is best to use brushes used for bathing or for cleansing the face, because their hardness and the length of their bristles are perfect and they are easy to use. Never brush too hard when scrubbing, just gently brush the brush on the seat surface, which is enough to remove dirt invisible to the eye.

Finally, wipe off the foam with a damp, wrung-out towel. After cleaning, open all doors to allow the car to be well ventilated so that the seats can dry as quickly as possible.ideally possible.


Cleaning the center console

Cleaning around the center console usually requires cleaning with water and a spin. Wipe it with a cloth, then wipe it again with a dry cloth. However, areas such as the air conditioner air outlet, near the stereo, ashtray or cup holder are easily stained by dirt on your hands. As long as you wipe it with water and a few drops of medium detergent, the dirt will disappear. For hard-to-clean places thoroughly, such as front fender gaps, use a small wooden stick or chopsticks wrapped in cloth to wipe them easily and will not damage the car. The air outlet of the air conditioner can also be wiped in this way.

Bamboo skewers can be used for small parts of the center console. You don\'t have toWe worry about scratches on the affected parts during use. In addition, if the bamboo skewers are covered with a layer of cloth or cotton ball, it can clean the thin parts almost perfectly, which can be regarded as an ideal cleaning tool.

The material of the dashboard plexiglass shell is quite soft, so you should wipe it with a good quality cloth, otherwise it will easily increase scratches. If too many small scratches are added, the dashboard will appear darker and older. When cleaning the dashboard, you can use commercially available plastic cleaners or hard hat cleaners, but a professional scratch remover will be more effective.

After cleaning, some car owners like to polish the center console. However, you must remember that you should not apply too much varnish on the center console. Driving too smoothly may cause reflections and affect driving safety.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone: don\'t use car perfume!

Most automotive fragrances currently available on the market are three-tier products. After volatilization, they will not only produce harmful gases, but also stain the interior, causing damage to the interior!