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Several Common Torsion Testing Machine Faults

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:130

The torsion testing machine is mainly used to perform torsion testing in both directions of rotation of various materials. It is mainly used in material laboratories of relevant scientific research departments, various colleges, and industrial and mining enterprises to measure the twisting time of various materials. mechanical properties. According to customers\' requirements, our company has two types of torsion testing machines: mechanical torsion testing machines and micro-control torsion testing machines, which can meet customers\' needs at different levels.

What should I do if the torsion testing machine breaks down during use? For the operator, mastering certain maintenance methods for simple equipment failures makes it possible to easily eliminate the source of the failure. Today, the editor summarizes several common machine faults.twist trial for everyone, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

1. No power indication, do not use

First check whether the power supply voltage is normal and the fuse is blown; second, check whether the switch is in good contact; third, check whether the contactor is in normal contact; Fourth, check if the coil is open; check whether the indicator power transformer has output, if the indicator light is damaged, replace it; if the connection line is open, resolder; if the transformer is damaged, replace it or rewind it.

2. The upper and lower limits cannot be controlled

First check whether the position switch is normal. If there is no control voltage, it is mainly because the connection circuit is open. Resolder; then check that the contacts are not damaged.

3. The direction of cBit-type switch is opposite

If the direction of the bit-type switch is opposite, it means the three-phase phase is misconnected, just adjust the phase.