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Factors Affecting Normal Operation of Industrial Control Chassis

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:42

Chassis is an important mechanism in industrial control computer. Whether the industrial control chassis works normally directly affects whether the whole industrial control computer can work normally. So, what factors can affect the normal and stable operation of industrial control chassis? The following editor will tell you Introduce the factors that affect the normal operation of the industrial control chassis.

1. Heat conduction factors:

The rationality of the heat dissipation structure is an important factor related to the stability of the computer. In order to increase the heat dissipation effect, the necessary parts of the chassis will have holes, including the box body side plate holes, the exhaust fan air inlet holes and the holes fan exhaust etc., so the shape of the holes should meet the technical requirements.radiation blocking ics.

2. Anti-seismic factors:

When the industrial control chassis is working, the optical drive, hard disk and several fans of the chassis will vibrate when running at high speed, and the vibration can easily lead to optical disc misreading and hard drive track damage and data loss, so chassis shock resistance is also a key structural design of the chassis.

3. Electromagnetic shielding factor:

When the industrial computer is working, some of its components will generate a large amount of electromagnetic radiation, which will cause certain damage to the human body if this is not prevented. At this time, the chassis becomes an important line of defense to shield electromagnetic radiation and protect health. A well-shielded chassis can also effectively block radiation interference.external radiation and ensure that the internal components of the computer are not affected by external radiation. The opening on the chassis should be as small as possible, and round holes with strong radiation blocking ability should be used as much as possible. Second, pay attention to the electromagnetic shielding of the various indicator lights and switch wiring.

The above is a brief introduction to the three factors that affect the normal operation of the industrial control chassis. You should be careful to control these three factors in the daily operation process, and do not let them exceed the normal range and affect the normal work of the whole industrial computer.