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Scott Rubbing Test Machine

Author: Released in:2024-03-29 Click:27

Scott Rubbing Test Machine

Scott Rubbing Test Machine

Product Description:

The Scott Rubbing Test Machine is suitable for testing the back and forth rubbing resistance of leather, leather, and woven materials.

Fix one end of the sample in the left fixture and the other end in the right fixture. With a certain stroke and number of times, apply appropriate pressure, and bend and rub the two samples against each other. After a certain number of times, evaluate the degree of damage to the sample.

Meets standards:

GB/T 8948-2008, JIS L1096, K6404 \ ASO M403

Specification parameters:

1. Sample load: 200g-2000g (increasing weight loading)

2. Fixture width: 45mm

3. Maximum spacing between fixtures: 40mm

4. Clamp spacing: 0-50mm (adjustable)

5. Test speed: 120 times/minute

6. Machine size: 45 x 37 x 50cm

7. Machine weight: approximately 60kg

8. Power supply: AC~220 50Hz