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Scope of pilling tester HERE

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ICI pilling tester is mainly used to test pilling and pilling caused by friction on woven and knitted fabrics without pressure. Stick the rubber tube to the rubber tube to prevent it from entering the test box, and rotate the test box at a certain speed to release the friction between the sample and the inner wall and each other. After the specified time, take the sample and evaluate the test according to the table. Such a high level of friction resistance. The body is made of steel structure, the test box is made of wooden boards and aluminum plates, and the built-in cork-coated microcontroller controls the instrument to run smoothly and make less noise. Standard: BS 5811 Instrument volume: 875 × 430 × 350 mm Instrument weight: 40 Kg


Pilling tester HEREScope of application:

ICI is used for wool, knitted fabrics and other fabrics prone to pilling. Do a pilling test to assess the pilling level of the fabric without pressure.

ICI pilling tester is a universal pilling testing system with 2 or 4 test heads, which can quickly simulate the pilling of fabrics over a certain period of time in normal wearing conditions. . Electronic driving device, electronic digital counter and sample loading device.

ICI pilling tester is the best helper for testing the pilling condition of fabrics or knitted fabrics. At the same time, this testing machine can also be used for hook testing.

The ICI pilling tester can measure woven and knitted fabrics. The instrument complies with BS 5811 requirements for measuring pilling resistance and changes in appearanceof the fabric, and to standard EN ISO/DIS12945 -1 Measurement of resistance to pilling and changes in appearance of the fabric * Requirements of the partial pilling box method.

The test box is driven by a same-speed motor and maintains a speed of 60 rpm. The number of revolutions can be set in advance on a five-digit electronic pulse counter. The machine will automatically stop when the set number of revolutions is reached.