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Test principle and test method of roller box pilling tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:26

Rolling box pilling testerTesting principle

1) Pill box method: In a rotating rolling box with an inner wall rough, the fabric winds it on the mandrel, tumble it in the box a certain number of times, then compare and evaluate it with the standard physical sample or its photo;

2) Martindale Method: The fabric is ground with abrasives for some time under gentle upholstery conditions. After the number of times, it is compared with the standard physical sample or its photo;

3) Circular path pilling method: The fabric is rubbed with a nylon brush the specified number of times under soft cushion conditions, and then compared with the standard physical sample under a certain light. Comparative evaluations of samples or their photos.

Pilling tester in a wheeled boxTest method

The performanceAnti-pilling resistance of fabrics can be measured in different ways Testing testing equipment, such as rolling box type, precipitated grinding type, etc. There are several methods of analyzing test results:

1) Counting method: i.e. the number of pillings in a specified area;

2) Measuring method: i.e. weighing the fabric and the weight of the fallen ball of wool;

3) Sample Comparison Method: Compare the pilled fabric with the standard sample to determine the pilling degree of the sample. The degree of pilling is divided into five levels. The smaller the number, the greater the pilling of the fabric, and the larger the number, the better the anti-pilling performance;

4) Coordinate representation: Use the ordinate to represent the number of pillings, and the abscissa to represent the starting point of the rubbing time. The curve of the ballis used to analyze the degree of pilling and the rate of pilling formation and loss.

The results show that different instruments and testing methods are used to measure pilling, and there will be different evaluation results. Textile company ises should adopt corresponding testing methods according to customer requirements. The following introduces domestic and foreign textile pilling testing methods and instruments.