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RCA Abrasion Tester for Paper Tape_Abrasion Tester for Paper Tape

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:128

rca paper tape wear tester_paper tape wear tester is mainly used to test the load of PDA, MP3, CD player, mobile phone, laptop, etc. to test. Abrasion resistance of 275g, 175g, 55g textile surface coating materials.


Main application:
rca paper tape wear tester_ paper tape wear tester is mainly used to test PDA, MP3, CD player, mobile, laptop computer, etc. The load is 275g, 175g, 55g the wear resistance of textile surface coating materials.

Key Features:
1. Has the function to stop when the number reaches;
2. Has the function of stopping when the paper breaks;
3. Can reduce the testing error of the product;
4. It can save paper for customers during testing.
rca Paper Tape AbrasionTester_Paper Tape Abrasion Tester Applicable Scope:
1. Mobile phones, notebook computers, mobile phones, PDA, MP3, CD players and friction test of coatings sprayed on the surface of various plastic shells;
2. Friction resistance test of screen printing on the surface of silicone rubber products;
3. Surface resistance of products that have undergone surface treatment, such as electroplating, water plating and vacuum plating Coefficient of friction test, etc.
4. *Designed as a model with dual motors and dual count display:
5. Digital display counter: with preset times function, and it will automatically stop when it reaches the default value;
6. Mechanical counter: available It is used for cumulative friction times, which can remind users to replace friction rings in time after reaching the number of times.

Main parameters:
1. Test Loadg (g): 55g, 175g, 275g;
2. Testing speed: 16R/MIN;
> 3. Machine size: 530*490*410 (mm);
4. Machine weight: 59kg;
5. Power supply: 1Φ, 220V, 5A or .
Test description:
1. Roll the unoiled paper or tape to rub against the sample and evaluate the abrasive effect at a given number of revolutions;
2. For softer materials, reduce the load by 55g or 175g;
3. With a magnifying glass for viewing;
4. Counter: digital counter (LCD display, 0-9999 can set the number of revolutions).

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