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QINSUN interprets the troubleshooting and solutions of high pressure vortex air pumps-

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:108

1. Fan does not spin

Troubleshooting method:

1. Not connected to power - powered on

2. Motor not working - Check motor wiring or replace motor

3. Fan head is damaged - repair fan or replace

4. There is a foreign object stuck in the fan - remove the foreign object

2. Increased noise

Elimination method:

1. Dry lubrication of the bearings - add bearing grease

2 . Bearing damaged - replace bearing

3. Impeller worn - replace impeller or pump head

4. Solid parts are loose or falling off - retighten fasteners

5. There are foreign objects in the fan - Remove the foreign objects or replace the pump head

 6. Increased vibration

Elimination method :

1. Damaged bearing - replace bearing

2. Impeller out of balance - remove foreign matter in impeller or adjust dynamic and static balance

3. Main shaft bent - replace main shaft or pump head

4. The working state enters the turbulent zone - Adjust the working state and avoid the turbulent zone

5. The air inlet filter and the outlet is clogged - clean the filter screen

4. Temperature rises

Method of elimination:

1. Air inlet temperature is too high - reduce air inlet temperature

2. Dry bearing lubrication - add bearing grease

3. Fan Reduced efficiency - remove dust leaf path or replace the pump head

4. Changing the operating state - adjust the operating state

5. Increasing the ambient temperature - increase the environmental ventilation and the dissipation of c

Troubleshooting method:

1. Reduced pump head speed - low supply voltage or motor failure

2. Increase the resistance of the pipe network - reduce the resistance of the pipe network

3. Change the working state - adjust the working state

4. Reverse motor rotation - motor rewiring

5. Flow decrease

Disposal method:

1. The filter inlet and outlet air is clogged - clean filter

2. Pump head speed is reduced - —Low supply voltage or motor failure

3 Increase pipe network resistance——reduce pipe network resistance

4. Increase working state - adjust working state

5. The motor turns in the opposite direction - the motor is rewired