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Qinsun:Efficiency Tester of Respirator Filtration one-Stop Shopping

Author:QINSUN Released in:2021-01 Click:793

It has been a year since the outbreak of pneumonia in COVID-19. In this year, masks and medical protective clothing used by Chinese medicine have become scarce items all over the world. Now, masks, protective clothing and other products are still hot products in the international trade market. However, qualified masks and protective clothing are the basis for products to be sold. How to become qualified products?

Qinsun:Efficiency Tester of Respirator Filtration one-Stop Shopping

The mask manufacturing industry has acted quickly to adjust to the surge in demand and new businesses continue to sprout up in this area. Naturally, the demand for face mask testing equipment has increased as well.Qinsun, a well-known supplier of best-in-class testing technology systems, has stepped in to meet the growing demand for mask testing equipment worldwide. With various government guidelines surrounding the efficacy of masks, it’s important that masks are tested thoroughly before making its way to the market.

From Efficiency tester of respirator filtration to Mask PFE Tester and Face Mask Particulate Filtration Efficiency Testers, Qinsun supplies a wide range of testing products to help manufacturers meet regulatory requirements, making it a one-stop-shop for most clients.Qunsin, as a manufacturer and designer of testing instruments, has been committed to developing and producing more intelligent, convenient and accurate testing equipment under this special situation this year.

Face masks must adhere to specific quality standards that vary based on mask type. Qinsun’s mask testing equipment complies with most safety and quality standards, including EN 14683 (Differential Pressure), ASTM F2101 (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency), ASTM F2299 (Sub-micron particulate filtration) and ASTM F1862 (Resistance to Blood Penetration). The Face Mask Air Flow Resistance and Differential Pressure Tester is used to test breathability and the Water Penetration Tester is used to test the endurance of waterproof fabric when exposed to water.

Qinsun:Efficiency Tester of Respirator Filtration one-Stop Shopping

Mask PFE Tester echnical features:

The color high-definition LCD touch screen is adopted, which makes the content more intuitive and the operation more convenient.
It is equipped with a special salt aerosol generator, which can generate aerosols of specific particle size and concentration.
Equipped with a series of special clamps, suitable for the detection of various masks.
Built-in high life photometer module, accumulated sampling time, prompt optical path cleaning.
Automatic control of aerosol generation and automatic calculation of capture efficiency and mask airflow resistance, reducing human intervention.
Built-in high-precision electronic flowmeter and high-performance sampling pump to ensure flow stability.
Built-in compressor with automatic pneumatic clamping function.
Equipped with an anti-static device.
Automatic infrared anti-pinch protection function to protect personnel safety.
No leakage of aerosol, and a high degree of personal protection.
The detection data can be exported via U disk or printed by Bluetooth printer.
Optional oily aerosol generator.