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Qingfeng 3D printed rider feedback with lattice pad

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:112

The bicycle seat cushion is one of the important parts of the \"intimate contact\" between the rider and the bicycle, and is usually processed by foam materials. However, the resilience of the foam material will decrease over time (the seat cushion will collapse). For long-distance riders, prolonged contact with the seat cushion can easily cause nerve pain, numbness and urinary tract problems, seriously affecting the driving experience. The emergence of 3D printed cushions has solved this problem.

The 3D printed seat cushion produced by LuxCreo not only brings a qualitative leap in the riding experience of riders,but also serves as pillow manufacturers have brought new kinds of \"innovation\".

Qingfeng Lattice Cushion user feedback - they really said that!

Since 2022 At the beginning of the year , the 3D printed bicycle seat cushion made by Qingfeng Elastomer Solutions has been put on sale, and many riders have their own experience left after they experienced it.

The production method of Qingfeng lattice cushion - it is such a black technology!


1) Lattice design software LuxStudio

After the customer determines the model of the 3D printed cushion, he can use LuxStudio, an additive manufacturing grating design software independently developed by Qingfeng, to design the grating filling according to mechanical requirements and choosing the right grid appearance (Full automation)

<p style=\"margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; padding: 0px; font-family: \"Source Han Sans CN\", \"Source Han Sans CN-Regular\"; whitespace: pre-wrap; overflow wrap: breakword; font size: 16px; line height: 30px; color: rgb(102, 102, 102); letter spacing: 0.7px; rgb(255, 255, 255); LuxStudio has built in a variety of gratings verified by Qingfeng mechanics simulation, which can not only realize the automatic generation of various structural gratings, but also generate ergonomics according to the grayscale image \"Gradient grating\" (gradient softness and hardness); LuxStudio, given the bonding process of the cushion and the metal base, also specially equipped with the function of \"adding a firm bottom surface\" to facilitate the subsequent production of 3D printed cushions.


Print and slice software LuxFlow

LuxFlow is an industry based application Thep developed slicing software specifically provides features such as \"contour compensation\" and support optimization for the elastic materials used in 3D printing pads to ensure printing accuracy, improve printing success rate and reduce material waste.

2. Highly elastic EM material

Different from foam, silicone and other materials, Qingfeng\'s 3D printed seat cushion is made of high-elastic photosensitive resin EM material, which has the characteristics of high resilience, strong shock absorption, tear resistance and bending resistance. The physical performance has been achieved and has been verifieded and approved by the market.

High Elastic EM Material With Crystal After parametric design by the software LuxStudio, the printed elastic products show more excellent rebound and shock absorption performance and are lighter in weight. Therefore, Qingfeng\'s 3D -printed bicycle seat cushion received high praise. .

3. Production

1) printing device

3D printed bicycle in Cushion At various stages of product development testing and post-production, Qingfeng can provide printing equipment with different sizes to meet printing needs in a cost-effective way of different periods.

Different sizes of printers are available:

iLux Pro Engineering: 192×120×200mm, which meets the requirements of early development and verification of material performance and lattice structure

Lux 3+: 293×165×380 mm, suitable for small series

Lux 3Li+: 400 × 259 × 380 mm, meeting the needs of larger series production

2) Smart Factory

Users of different production scales can choose to freely combine printers to complete the construction of small smart factories, or choose Qingfeng smart factory in Ningbo to meet printing needs comply.

Relying on the advantage of 3D printing that can be produced immediately, when the cushion product is finalized and the parameters are determined. After that, Qingfeng\'s 3D printing equipment can guarantee the maximum printing yield (that is, the designed grid size, performance and precision), while meeting the needs of flexible and timely delivery, and you don\'t have to worry about stock backlogs.

The emergence of 3D printing has led to a revolutionary production model, and also broken the product limitations of many industries, providing structure, performance, appearance, etc. Breakthroughs in many aspects make the product stand out.

As a smart manufacturer of 3D printing, Qingfeng Technology uses its design capabilities and 3D printing technology to bring many excellent products to the market.

We also hope that there will be more excellent brands of bicycles and bicycle cushions, and we can discuss with Qingfeng how to bring a new \"fire\" to the industry.

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Qingfeng Technology is a digital 3D company focusing on the research and development of 3D printing equipment, software and materials, and is committed to changing the way of product development and production. Intelligent manufacturer. The team members have brought together technical talents and executives from Tsinghua University, Harvard University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, Cambridge University and other universities. The team has developed high-performance material systems (elastomeric materials) suitable for different industries, tough materialsmaterials, dental materials, high temperature resistant materials, etc.), relying on self-developed Lux ​​series DLP light curing 3D printers, iLux Pro series LCD desktop level light-curing 3D printers and supporting software, for footwear, dental, medical, consumer, industrial, scientific research and education and other industries to provide solutions for innovation and upgrading, to create a new digital production model and ecological closed loop with both customization and batching, production easier create!