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When choosing a medicine cabinet in the laboratory, the following three points should be considered

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:26

Medicine cabinets are laboratory equipment in chemical laboratories or hospitals. They are mainly used for the storage of medicines, chemical reagents and hazardous chemicals. They are mainly used to store various drugs and reagent products. Because some reagents are likely to volatilize at room temperature, and some substances cause harm to the human body after volatilization.

When choosing a medicine cabinet in the laboratory, you should pay attention to the following three points:

1. Choice of materials, the placed medicine has acid -base If you choose one with acid and alkali resistance, you should choose full steel or PP material. If you choose all wood, it will not be satisfied;

2. Convenience Ease of use, for example, the door panel has glass, so it can be easily stored or sorted, so the access is very convenient, and at the same time we can customize it,such as making it into a ladder, or a drawer type;

3. Exhaust device, after installing the exhaust device, it can exhaust the odorous and poisonous gas to the outside, and then filter the outside, while the inside of the cabinet Fresh air can also be added to keep it dry.


1. When moving, the angle of inclination should not exceed 45 degrees. When placing the medicine refrigerator, make sure that you do not place it in a place with a lot of moisture or where water is easily splashed. The medicine refrigerator should not be placed next to an environment that is too cold or appears to be icy.

2. After the medicine cabinet has been moved, it must stand still for 30 minutes before it can be connected directly to the power supply. Second, make sure to place it in a place that does not receive direct sunlight and away from heat sources. In this way it is convenient to check the quality ofto safeguard the medicines in our cupboard.

3. As for it, when it is placed, there must be a space between it and adjacent items. In fact, from this aspect, it can also perform simple ventilation and heat dissipation.