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Pure cotton air permeability test with fabric air permeability

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:113

The fabric air flow meter is used to test various flat materials such as: knitted fabrics, woven fabrics (including tightly coated fabrics), nonwovens, paper, paper felt, glass fibres, air filters and foams, etc. Regarding the air permeability of the material, qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer, and customers in need are welcome to inquire in time.

The air permeability of the fabric is one of the important indicators of the performance of the fabric. The air permeability of clothing fabrics directly affects the thermal insulation and comfort of clothing; the air permeability of some industrial textiles is also closely related to their function, such as parachutes, water dragons. The influence of the air permeability of belt and filter cloth on its use and filtering effect, etc.

Permeability toFabric air refers to the ability of air to pass through the pores of the fabric when there is a pressure difference on both sides of the fabric. Generally, the gap between the warp and weft yarns and the gaps between the fibers are used as the path. Therefore, the air permeability of fabric is determined by the number and size of pores between fibers and is related to factors such as fiber and yarn shape, geometric fabric structure and finish, that is, many factors affect the air permeability of the fabric.

Indicators that indicate the air permeability of fabrics include air volume and air permeability. Air permeability refers to the volume of air flowing through the unit area of ​​the fabric per unit time under the specified pressure difference between the two sides of the fabric, and its unit is m3/m2 s. Air permeability refers to the speed atwhich the air flow passes through the sample vertically in the specified sample area, under conditions of pressure drop and time, and its unit is mm/s. The air permeability of the fabric is positively correlated to the difference in air pressure between the two sides of the fabric. According to the new national standard, air permeability is used to represent the air permeability of fabrics, and air permeability and air permeability are equal in value.

According to the experimental method stipulated in the national standard GB5453-85, this experiment uses a fabric air permeability measuring device to measure the volume of air of the fabric passing through the fabric per unit time under a certain pressure difference to obtain the air permeability of the fabric.

Applicable standards:

GB/T5453, GB/T13764, ASTMD737, ASTMD3574, ISO9237, AFNORG07-111 , BS5636, DIN53887, JISL1096-A andother national standards.

Test steps:

1. Prepare the sample as required, cut it to the specified size, and then install it on the instrument.

2. Select the orifice plate. (Notes: For different fabrics to be tested, test orifice plates of different calibers should be tested. e selected. The better the air permeability of the material, the larger the caliber of the selected orifice plate. The tester can estimate the air permeability of the material based on historical data or experience.If you do not know the air permeability of the material to be tested, you need to determine which orifice plate to use through testing. )

3. Turn on the instrument, and in the test state, press the [Setting] key to enter parameter setting, including sample pressure difference, pressure area sample, nozzle number and test unit. After defining the parameters, in the test interface, press the [Return to zero] key to initialize the air pressure sensor, press the sample compression handle and click the [Test] key to start the test .

4. When the set pressure difference is reached, the instrument automatically converts the test result and stops the test. After the test, you can press the [Function] key to perform the corresponding operations in the popup window.nu, and you can press the [Search] key to display the test results and print the test results. When the test is complete, turn off the power, clean the instrument and all accessories, then remove the adjustment ring.