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Protective clothing flame spread tester

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Protective clothing flame spread tester

Protective clothing flame spread tester

The flame spread tester for protective clothing is designed and produced according to the ISO 15025 combustion testing standard for protective clothing. It can test the flame spread status of protective clothing under small flame impacts. This is a professional instrument mainly used for simulating technical evaluation of the flame spread performance of protective clothing when it comes to fire hazards. It is used for measuring the fire hazards of combustible materials for textile materials or other similar functional purposes.

Testing standards:

AQ 6103, ISO 6940:2004, ISO 6941:2003, ISO 15025:2000, GB/T 5456:2009, BS EN ISO 15025:2002

Technical parameters:

1. The combustion chamber is made of stainless steel; Beautiful and elegant, corrosion-resistant; Size: 1200mm X 600mm x 1200mm;

2. All sample racks are made of stainless steel material; Beautiful and corrosion-resistant;

3. Sample holder size: 1:160 * 200mm, 2:80mm * 200mm,

5. Imported standard burner; Flame height horizontal 25mm ± 2mm; Vertical 40mm ± 2mm; 0.19mm nozzle opening;

6. Automatic time recording and storage; The time timer has an accuracy of 0.1s;

7. PLC combined with touch screen control system; Realize more intelligent experimentation; Automatic recording and storage of experimental data;

8. Imported brand pressure gauges and regulating valves provide more stable gas pressure;

9. Imported needle valve, precise control of flame height; The flame is more stable;

10. High level of intelligence, simple operation, and easy operation;

11. Equipped with two sets of sample racks for surface combustion and bottom combustion; All made of stainless steel;

12. The system automatically ignites and extinguishes;

13. Equipped with a flame height ruler;

14. The burner angle is horizontal and vertical, adjustable at 30 °;

15. Programmable controller 7 "touch screen, realizing control/detection/calculation/data display

16. Pulse high-voltage electronic automatic ignition.

17. No need to hold a stopwatch or manuscript timer; The experimental time system automatically records and generates experimental reports;

18. The test time and ignition time can be set on the touch screen. Meet multiple testing standards requirements;

19. The surface burning and bottom burning test programs can be switched on the touch screen.


1. Voltage 220V, 50/60Hz;

Equipped with accessories:

1. 304 stainless steel flame height ruler;

2. Two tracheal clamps;

3. Product manual;

4. Factory certificate of conformity;