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Mask melt blown cloth virus filtration efficiency tester

Author: Released in:2024-04-17 Click:41

Mask melt blown cloth virus filtration efficiency tester

Mask melt blown cloth virus filtration efficiency tester

The main performance indicators of the mask virus filtration efficiency (VFE) detector comply with the Phi-x174 phage testing method for evaluating the virus filtration efficiency of medical protective mask materials in YY/T1497-2016. The dual gas path simultaneous comparison sampling method is adopted to improve the accuracy of sampling. It is suitable for performance testing of mask virus filtration efficiency by metrological inspection departments, research institutes, mask production enterprises, and other relevant departments. The VFE tester for mask virus filtration efficiency adopts technology and industrial computer control, with a user-friendly interface and operation mode designed to simplify user testing and facilitate direct display of test results, making it convenient and intuitive.

The mask virus filtration efficiency tester consists of a biological aerosol generation system, an aerosol chamber, an aerosol conveying device, a negative pressure cabinet, and a high-speed liquid impact sampler. The entire detector is uniformly controlled by a control system. The console adopts PLC+Labview to coordinate and control the work of the aerosol generation system, transmission system, negative pressure cabinet, and sampling system, and displays the working status in real time. The entire measurement work is automatically completed.

Execution standards:

YY/T1497-2016 Evaluation of Virus Filtration Efficiency of Medical Protective Mask Materials Phi-X174 Phage Test Method

Application scope:

Its application areas include but are not limited to:

Medical mask manufacturers;

Metrological verification department;

Research institutes;

Manufacturing plant commodity inspection or quality control department;

Third party testing platform;

Quality supervision, market supervision and inspection units in various regions;

Technical features:

Negative pressure experimental system to ensure the safety of operators;

The negative pressure cabinet is equipped with a peristaltic pump and two liquid impact samplers, A and B;

The flow rate of the peristaltic pump can be set;

The spray flow of the special microbial aerosol generator can be set, and the atomization effect is good;

Embedded high-speed industrial microcomputer control;

10.4-inch industrial grade high brightness color touch screen;

USB interface, supporting USB data transfer and storage;

The cabinet is equipped with high brightness lighting;

The cabinet is equipped with a built-in ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization lamp;

Built in leakage protection switch to protect the safety of operators;

The inner layer of the cabinet is made of stainless steel and processed as a whole, while the outer layer is sprayed with cold-rolled sheet. The insulation and flame retardant design between the inner and outer layers are also included;

Front switch type glass door, convenient for experimental personnel to observe and operate;

Detachable bracket with adjustable height;

Support and move dual-purpose casters.