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Principles and Precautions of Martindale Abrasion Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:128

Basic Principle of Martindale Abrasion Test
Martindale Abrasion Tester is a test device manufactured according to the design principle of J.G. Martindale and in accordance with the specifications of the Wool Industry Research Association. It uses standard wool felt as the friction object to rub the tested items such as cloth, etc. Of course, according to different test methods and different requirements, the friction object can be changed from standard wool felt to other materials such as sandpaper to test the wear resistance of leather, gender or degree of depigmentation. The object under test is clamped on a cylinder, and a standard weight (determined according to the test method is pressed on the friction object, driven by the vertical and horizontal eccentric wheels to produce a Lissajous curve, the purpose is to achieve a multi- directional friction test For general footwear materials, the wear-wearing friction effect testusually performed by both dry and wet methods simultaneously to measure the impact of rain on the upper material of the shoe or the impact of sweat on the inner lining of the shoe.

Martindale Abrasion Tester Test Steps:
1. The sample is parked in the laboratory environment for more than 8 hours.
2. Cut on the flat part of the sample. Take a sample. If it is an insole, it should be cut to the transfer area.
3. Remove the load and load shaft from the test machine.
4. Remove the top plate and test stand.
5. Sample device: Loosen the fixing ring on the test fixture, take out the sample compact, put the sample into the test fixture base, put a piece of sample gasket between the sample and the test fixture base, and then put the sample gland on the sample gasket and fix it with a fixing ring.
6. Wool felt and friction cloth device: turn dLoosen the fixing screw and fixing ring, place the wool felt on the base and spread out the friction cloth, press a 2.5 kg pressure plate in the center of the friction cloth, put the fixing ring back and tighten the fixing screw.
7. Place back the top plate and insert the load shaft (12KPa) through the circle on the top plate 8. Place the test fixture with the sample facing down on the base device, match the circular groove of the test fixture to the load shaft and insert the load shaft into the circular recess of the test fixture In the tank.
9. Set the number of times according to the standard, start the switch and start the test.
10. After reaching the set number of times, it will automatically stop and remove the sample to determine the result.


Notes for the test:
1. The friction cloth cannot be used repeatedly, and a friction cloth must be become friction every 50,000 timesreplace;
2. The wool felt can be used repeatedly. It does not need to be replaced until the surface is worn or stained;
3 .The insole must be dressed first and then the Martindale abrasion test must be carried out;

It requires us to pay attention.
When using, first make sure to connect toThe rated power corresponds to the power supply to avoid damage to the Martindale wear tester during use .
Second, when the shell is grounded, it should maintain a good grounding condition, and the grounding resistance should be less than one ohm.
Third, remember that there should be no collisions during the installation or use process, so as not to damage the machine and affect the results of the experiment.
Fourthly, since the Martindale Abrasion Tester is a touch screen, remember to use only your fingers to touch it during use.operate it and do not use hard objects to press it, to avoid damage to the device.
Fifth, every time after the work experiment is over, it should be cleaned up.