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Principle interpretation and application of frequency vibration insecticidal lamps

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:119

As people\'s awareness of green life and green agricultural products becomes stronger and stronger, the application of information-based plant protection equipment such as frequency vibration insecticide lamps is increasing , especially in agriculture. Lights are even more common.

So in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables on farmland, what role can solar frequency vibration insecticidal lamps play?

Can it effectively defend the face of fruits and vegetables? , Can it reduce the number of twisted melons and cracked dates?

Frequency Vibration Insecticide Lamp is a physical control method that uses phototaxis of pests to trap and kill them.

Using the characteristics of strong phototaxis, ripple, color and noise taxi information, set the wavelength, band andthe frequency of light waves in a specific range;

Use short-distance light and long-distance waves, and use the sexual information generated by the parasites themselves to attract adults to the lamp. The lamp is equipped with a frequency vibration high-voltage power grid to kill pests. In the lower insect receiving bag, the goal of killing pests is achieved.

Frequency vibration insecticide lamps are widely used in agriculture, forestry, vegetable, storage, tea, garden, greenhouse, vineyard, aquaculture , etc.

Frequency vibration insecticide lamps for preventing and controlling agricultural pests is a safe, effective, harmless and economical physical control technology for agricultural pests, which can effectively control many crops such as cereals, arfruit trees, vegetables, etc. It has the characteristics of many types of trapping and killing and a large amount of trapping.

It can not only reduce the use of chemical pesticides, reduce environmental pollution, and protect the ecological environment, but also is convenient to use and inexpensive.

Frequency-vibration insecticide lamps are used to control agricultural pests, that is, to use the tropism of agricultural pest adults to light, wave, color and taste , and adjust the light wave within a specific range;

Use short-range light, and use long-range poka color and smell distance to attract insects into the lamp, and the lamp is equipped with a frequency vibrating tension net to contact and kill them, so that they fall into the insect catcher bag under the lamp;

To reachto achieve the goal of killing adults, and at the same time reduce the amount of eggs laid on the ground, compress the number of insect populations, reduce the density of insect populations, and achieve the goal of pest control . In addition, it is relatively safe from natural enemies.