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Interpretation of principle and application of gas turbine flowmeter

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The gas turbine flow meter is mainly used to measure the flow of air, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, biogas, natural gas, steam and other fluids in industrial pipelines . Influence of parameters such as viscosity.

No moving mechanical parts, resulting in high reliability and low maintenance. Instrument parameters can be stable for a long time.

The vortex gas flow meter adopts piezoelectric strain sensor, which has high reliability and can work in the operating temperature range of -20℃~+250℃.

With analog standard signal and digital pulse signal output, it is easy to use with computer and other digital systems. It is a relatively advanced and ideal flow meter.

Working principle of gas turbine flowmeter

Gas turbine flowmeter uses a turbine pomeasure. It first converts the flow into the rotational speed of the turbine, then converts the rotational speed into an electrical signal proportional to the flow.

This type of flow meter is used to detect the flow instantaneous and cumulative total flow, and its output signal is frequency, which is easy to digitize. The induction coil is fixed to the housing with the safety magnet.

When the ferromagnetic blades of the turbine pass in front of the magnet, the reluctance of the magnetic circuit changes, thus generating an induction signal.

The signal is amplified and shaped by the amplifier, then sent to the counter or frequency meter to display the total accumulated flow.

At the same time, the frequency of the pulses is converted into frequency-voltage to indicate the instantaneous flow. The speed of the impeller is proportional to the flow and the number of revolutions of the impeller is proportional to the total flow.

The soPart of the turbine flow meter is a frequency modulated signal, which not only improves the anti-interference of the detection circuit, but also simplifies the flow detection system.

Its rate of variation can reach 10:1, and the accuracy is ±0.2%. The time constant of the low inertia and small size turbine flowmeter can reach 0.01 seconds.

Gas Turbine Flowmeter Applications

Power Generation and Cogeneration, Heating Industry; aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, nuclear energy and the arms industry; the machinery, metallurgy, coal mining and automotive industries; petroleum and chemical industries; the pharmaceutical, food and tobacco manufacturing industries; forestry industry, agricultural recovery and light industry, etc.

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