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Preparations before lighting the vertical combustion tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:80

Vertical combustion tester Preparations before ignition

The vertical combustion tester is developed according to the GB/T standard and *stipulates the technical requirements of the GB national standard /T. Combined with the special style bracket, the same instrument can be used to test horizontal and vertical combustion methods of plastics, and the test time can be automatically recorded. Compared with similar instruments, it has the advantages of a high degree of automation, precise timing and automatic display of test results.

The vertical combustion test instrument stipulates that after the models placed horizontally and vertically in the laboratory are ignited with a small flame fire source, the combustion speed, ignited combustion and the Flameless combustion times of the model are measured. The instrument case is made of frosted stainless steel andis equipped with a transparent observation window to automatically record flame application, after-flame and after-burning time; test data can be stored and historical test data can be retrieved; it has a built-in silent exhaust and the test combustion fumes are discharged safely; Vertical combustion sample clamp motor control, no manual adjustment required; The Bunsen burner returns automatically after applying the flame, reducing manual operation.

Precautions before lighting the vertical combustion tester:

1. The gas tank should be equipped with a medium pressure reducer and the gas tank pressure reducer should be set to large (tighten all screws, less exposed to the outside).

2. When using, turn on the gas and wait for a while to exhaust the air in the pipe first.

3. PoTo light, first cover the air at the bottom end of the torch with the knurled nut above as quickly as possible, then adjust the blue flame after lighting the fire.

4. The ignition needle is above the edge of the inner nozzle and within 5mm of the nozzle.

5. Do not hold the igniter button for a long time, otherwise it will damage the igniter if overloaded. Each ignition time should not exceed 5 seconds.

6. Once the gas flow valve is closed to the right, then turned to the left about 4 times, it is easier to light the fire.