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Precautions for installing the tear resistance tester of medical clothing

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:89

Medical Clothing Tear Strength Tester is used to measure the tear strength of various woven fabrics such as medical clothing and non-woven fabrics. Qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer.

Applicable standard:

GB/T3917.1 \"Determination of fabric tearing impact pendulum method\"

Main parameters:

1. Tear force range: A hammer: 0~16N; Hammer B: 0~32N; Hammer C: 0~64N;

2. Force measurement accuracy: ≤±1 graduation;

3. Sample size: 100(L)×63 (W)mm;< /p>

4. Cutting length: 20 ±0.2mm;

5. Tearing length: 43mm;

6. Combined test weights meet different testing requirements;

7. Test range: 200cN, 400cN, 800cN, 1600cN, 3200cN, 6800cN, 13600cN and 30000cN;

8. Test units are MN, CN, N, G, KG, OZ, LB optional.

Installation Notes:

1. To prevent the fan hammer from swinging during shipping, use a screw to secure the fan hammer to the support seat and remove it. the before use.

2. After removing the fixing screws, it should be installed on a sturdy workbench with good shock absorption, and a 2mm-3mm thick hard rubber plate should be padded .